Childhood Cancer

St. Baldrick’s Top 10 Highlights of 2017

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
January 8, 2018

2017 was a big year, full of breakthroughs, incredible stories and some pretty amazing achievements in the childhood cancer world. Join us as we reflect on St. Baldrick’s top 10 highlights of the past year — and make sure you give yourself a pat on the back, because much of this was possible because of YOU!

St. Baldrick's 2017 Highlights

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane? Here we go …

1) Passage of the RACE Act

You helped pass the Research to Accelerate Cures and Equity (RACE) for Children Act, which will advance pediatric cancer research and could save lives. Read this blog by Rob Lenfestey, the dad to Honored Kid Scott, and learn what the RACE Act means to him.

2) Action Days 2017

Your voices were heard during Action Days 2017, when thousands of advocates came together to speak up for kids with cancer on Capitol Hill. In this photo essay, get a glimpse of the action — and some of the sharpest dressed Honored Kids we know!

3) Shavee takes his sister, who had cancer, to prom

This St. Baldrick’s shavee wanted to make his sister’s dreams come true — on what would turn out to be the last night of her life. Click here for a story that will leave your heart full and your tissue box empty.

4) Immunotherapy saved Phineas

2017 Ambassador Phineas is alive today because people like you help fund lifesaving kids’ cancer research. Watch this amazing video about his journey!


5) International Scholar Dr. Lubega gives Ugandan families hope

Investing in the next generation of childhood cancer researchers — like researcher and St. Baldrick’s International Scholar Dr. Joseph Lubega – can change the lives of kids with cancer all over the world. Get an eye opening, inspiring look at the work and impact of Dr. Lubega in his home country by following the story of his patient Christa and her mom, Belinda.

6) The birth of a St. Baldrick’s-supported breakthrough called Kymriah

In this blog series, explore the journey of Kymriah — a newly approved immunotherapy for kids’ cancer — through the stories of the kids and researchers involved in the development of this groundbreaking gene therapy.


7) The Dream Team* discovers a potential new weapon against neuroblastoma

Just in time for Childhood Cancer Awareness month, St. Baldrick’s researchers announced a discovery that could radically transform treatment for kids with neuroblastoma.

8) The FDA approves CAR T cell therapy for kids with relapsed leukemia

In a momentous action that changed the odds for pediatric patients across the country, the FDA approved Kymriah — the first gene therapy in the U.S. — and made it available to kids with high-risk, relapsed leukemia.

9) Research into DIPG moves forward thanks to the partnership between St. Baldrick’s and the McKenna Claire Foundation

St. Baldrick’s researcher Dr. Rameen Beroukhim is working to crack the code of DIPG, a fatal, devastating pediatric brain cancer — and he’s doing it with help from a unique grant created in memory of St. Baldrick’s Honored Kid McKenna Claire.

Dr. Rameen

10) IHS Markit goes global with a 24-hour head-shaving event

How do you raise the bar when you already hold head-shaving events across the world AND you’ve raised nearly $3 million for childhood cancer research? Well, if you’re the company IHS Markit, you throw a 24-hour head-shaving party and live stream employees’ shaves from across the globe!

*Formerly known as the St. Baldrick’s – Stand Up to Cancer Pediatric Cancer Dream Team, this team is now the St. Baldrick’s EPICC Team (Empowering Pediatric Immunotherapies for Childhood Cancer).

In 2017, more than 41,000 people shaved their head at 1,179 events. Plus, with over 413,000 donors, we raised $39 million to support the best childhood cancer research.

That’s pretty awesome, but with your help we can make 2018 better than ever …

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