Action Days 2017: Families Speak Up For Kids With Cancer

by Alison Sutton, St. Baldrick's Foundation
May 31, 2017

In early May, more than 200 childhood cancer advocates, including St. Baldrick’s families and Honored Kids, joined the Alliance for Childhood Cancer’s 6th Annual Childhood Cancer Action Days.

Action Days

This two-day event in Washington, D.C. brought advocates to Capitol Hill to share their stories and ask their representatives to:

  • Co-Sponsor the STAR Act — the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever introduced to Congress
  • Support the inclusion of the RACE Act in the FDA User Fee Bill
  • Increase federal funding for cancer research

Here is a little behind-the-scenes look at our day on the Hill…

Ambassador Abby, who was given 48 hours to live just a year ago, met with her representatives to ask for more childhood cancer funding, saying that she’s alive today because of research. She said, “If St. Baldrick’s wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here.” 

Abby and her mom during Action Days

Abby smiling in the sun on Action Days

Ambassador Princeton, who is in remission, donned a sharp suit to chat with his representatives alongside his parents.

Ambassador Princeton poses with a rep

Ambassador Princeton stretches during a meeting

After a few meetings, he took a break to play with Honored Kid Kellan, who was born with neuroblastoma. As a result of a tumor on his spine, Kellan is paralyzed from the waist down but that doesn’t stop him from skiing with his family or playing on a t-ball team!

Ambassador Princeton and Honored Kid Kellan play

Ambassador Princeton and Kellan play patty cake

He made a great impression on his Senators, Angus King and Susan Collins, with his clever knock-knock jokes.

Kellan cracks up Senator Angus King

Kellan tells Senator Susan Collins a joke

Honored Kid Scott, who is no stranger to childhood cancer advocacy, impressed everyone he met on the Hill.

They even told him he was better dressed than most people in the building! 

Honored Kid Scott

Ambassador Emily recently graduated from high school and plans to study political science in college. She was joined by her mom and sister and was determined to get every representative to sign on.

Ambassador Emily with her mom and sister

Thank you to everyone who came to Action Days and all those who joined virtually. Together we continue to work to get the STAR Act passed in the House and the Senate and signed into law.

Action Days group shot

We still have a long way to go and need YOUR help. Please join our advocacy network and learn how you can support the STAR Act for kids with cancer.

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