Do What You Want*

Here you can start a fundraiser to help kids with cancer. The money you raise funds the most-promising childhood cancer research worldwide and the impact you make will literally change and save lives.

How it works

Start your fundraiser.

It begins with the idea – dream up a creative fundraiser as unique as you are. Then start your fundraiser.

Raise money.

You’ll have your own online fundraising page to collect donations. Raise money before, during, and after your fundraiser.

Fund research.

This year, 300,000 kids will be diagnosed with cancer. The money you raise funds the world’s best research to help these kids.

The sky’s the limit for your fundraiser.
Just do what you want.*

  • [Your idea here]

Give up your birthday

Hike a trail

Just do what you want

Bike a marathon

Host a poker party

Hold a video game contest

Run a 5k

Organize a casual day at work

Give skateboarding lessons

Have a bake sale

Plan a concert

Do a push-up contest

[Your idea here]

Host a pizza eating contest

2036 people have started fundraisers. Here are a few that caught our eye:

Team Lilly Goes Gold

Goal: $30,000

Team Lilly
background image

Avalon Casual Days

Goal: $2,000

Avalon Management's Casual Days
background image

Holiday Benefit

Goal: $5,000

Andy Mac's Friends Holiday Benefit
background image

The money you raise will save lives.

And kids’ lives matter. In the 1950s, almost all kids diagnosed with cancer died. Because of research, today more than 85% of kids with the most common type of cancer will live. But there is work to be done. Kids with countless types of childhood cancers have little hope for a cure.

We’ve funded research in 27 countries, including all institutions that treat kids with cancer in the U.S. So when you raise money and do what you want, you’ll know you’re making a big impact. Ready? Let’s do it!

The Fine Print

  • * Knife juggling, riding bareback on a camel, cliff diving, and any other idea that brings you too close to the “danger zone” will probably not be allowed.**
  • ** Unless you're a professional diver who can do back flips off a cliff and land on a wild camel all while juggling flaming knives... then that's just awesome, and we want to meet you. Everyone else? I think you get the picture.***
  • *** Ok on second thought, even if you are a crazy awesome cliff-diver/back-flipper/camel-tamer/knife-juggler you probably won't be able to do that.****
  • **** I know, I know, we said you can “do what you want,” but let's get real folks, we weren't really thinking you'd want to do that.