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Research Priorities

If we’re going to find cures for children with cancer, we have to think big, work smart, and fund research that helps them survive and thrive.

Leading pediatric oncology experts work with us to determine our research priorities, which help kids of all ages and with all types of childhood cancers.

Funding Priorities

 Focus Areas

St. Baldrick’s funds these and many other areas of research, including studies on the causes of and prevention of childhood cancer, complementary and alternative therapies, and much more.

Our grant types put these research priorities into action.

We are entering an era of unbelievable scientific discovery. But if we don’t turn those discoveries into cures, we will have failed a generation of children.
— Dr. Peter Adamson

FORMER Chair of the Children’s Oncology Group

The COG is funded yearly by St. Baldrick’s through our multi-million dollar cooperative research grant.