Hero Funds

For families who want to fundraise in honor of their child or loved ones. Further your commitment to finding a cure for childhood cancer by starting a Hero Fund.

To learn more about setting up your own, please contact us at Funds@StBaldricks.org or call 888-899-2253

Your Hero Fund is

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1An opportunity to honor a child or loved one

A Hero Fund offers a meaningful way to honor a child or loved one and help in the fight to conquer childhood cancers. Start by naming your Fund and creating a special webpage where you can share personal stories and reports on the impact you're creating.

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2Your opportunity to bring your passion to others

Multiple events or activities - head-shaving and more - can count toward your Hero Fund fundraising total. It can be as simple as an ongoing way for friends and family to donate to honor a loved one, or as dynamic as a year-round schedule of fundraising activities with an ambitious goal.

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3An efficient alternative to starting your own foundation

Have you thought of starting your own foundation? A Hero Fund can be an efficient alternative. Joining forces with St. Baldrick's allows you to focus on results for kids with cancer, without the drain of legal, financial and technical issues. We provide all the support you need, like a website, gift processing, PR and grant support - so you can focus on the fundraising.

Take a look at some Hero Funds

Davids Warriors

David's Warriors

Tom, Susan, and Daisy Heard Created "David's Warriors" as a lasting legacy to remember David, who died from neuroblastoma at 10, and fight for better treatment options for other childern.

Just Do It

Just Do it...and be done with it

In celebration of Sara's surviving Wilms tumor, the Martorano family started "Just Do it ... and be done with it" to keep their fundraising momentum going.

Super Sophs

Super Soph's Pediatric Cancer Research Fund

When Sophie died, the Rossi family directed memorial donations to St. Baldrick's. Those funds helped create a Hero Fund in Sophie's memory, giving the Rossi family and their community an ongoing way to raise funds in her memory.

Get Started

To learn more about setting up your Hero Fund, contact us at Funds@StBaldricks.org or call 888-899-2253.