Register. Fundraise. Shave.

Together, we can #ConquerKidsCancer

IN THE U.S. 1 IN 5 CHILDREN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER WILL NOT SURVIVE. Since St. Baldrick's began, the 5-year survival rate has risen from above 79% to 85%. But there are still cancers no child survives. And 5-year survival isn’t the same as a cure. Many kids are still in treatment 5 years after diagnosis, or die after that milestone. Kids with cancer need your help more than ever.

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Join a local event as a shavee, barber, or volunteer! There are events taking place both virtually and in-person.

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Start Your Own Event

Our tried and true model for hosting a head-shaving event is a great way to support the mission. You’ll partner with our events team, and they’ll coach you from start to finish!

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Shave Solo

Prefer to shave on your own? You can have your own at-home head-shaving party!

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Register. Fundraise. Shave.

Help fund research and clinical trials that save kids’ lives

Since 2005, St. Baldrick’s events have helped raise over $352 million for lifesaving kids' cancer research.

Three reasons you should become a shavee.


As a shavee, you’re not only raising funds researchers depend on to cure childhood cancer — you’re also spreading awareness every time you show off your bald head.


Your commitment to shave for the cause raises more than funds and awareness — it shows kids who lost their hair during treatment that you support them, and it brings hope to their families and friends.


Fun always takes center stage at these events. (Even when there are tears!) Expect hugs, high fives and some cool swag.

Ready, Set, Shave

There are four simple steps to achieve shavee success, and we're with you all the way.

Individual rubbing back of their head after having it shaved

1 | Find an Event

Locate an event you're interested in and sign up. You can even be a virtual shavee.


2 | Create Your Page

Customize a participant page with your information. (It's easy. We promise.)

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3 | Raise Funds

Make the most of your efforts by collecting as many donations as possible. Fundraising tips and tricks are at your fingertips.

Guy smiling after having his head shaved

4 | Go Shave

Enjoy the entire event experience, because there's nothing like it.

Be a Shavee

Other Ways to Get Involved

Organize an Event

Every good head-shaving event needs a passionate volunteer event organizer, better known as a VEO. Are you just the person to bring this party for good to your community?

Learn about VEOs

Be an Event Volunteer

Volunteers make our world go 'round. If you’re interested in recruiting shavees, promoting your local event or rolling up your sleeves on the big day — this is for you!


Be an Event Barber

More than 50,000 people step up as shavees each year. With those kinds of numbers, licensed barbers or cosmetologists are always in demand! If you're qualified, willing and able, sign up to shave heads today.

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