IHS Markit Goes Global With a 24-Hour Head-Shaving Event [PHOTO ESSAY]

by Jeena Gould, St. Baldrick's Foundation
May 16, 2017

Why have only one head-shaving event when you can have 70? See how global information and technology company IHS Markit took going bald for kids with cancer to an international level.

Markit shavees in Hong Kong

IHS Markit Hong Kong

St. Baldrick’s head-shaving events are like parties for good. And who says you can’t have a party when you’re at work?

IHS Markit has proven that it’s possible.

In 2009, IHS Markit chose St. Baldrick’s as their global charity to support. That year, they started their first head-shaving event at their New York City office.

After raising over $95,000 for childhood cancer research, IHS Markit knew they were on to something good.

Markit New York City

IHS Markit New York City

“St. Baldrick’s is a very good cause to support,” Victoria Kogan, Markit’s vice president office manager in New York, said. “Our company is loving it.”

Their one event in New York City in 2009 has now grown to more than 70 events worldwide in 2017 — all taking place in one 24-hour period. IHS Markit has once again committed a $100,000 match to this year’s event, which has already raised more than $22,000. To date, the company has raised a grand total of $2.9 million raised for childhood cancer research!

That does a lot of good for a lot of kids.

Markit shavees in Sydney

IHS Markit Sydney

Events are located across the world, from the U.S. to Australia, with different locations being added every year.

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Barber shaves head in Amsterdam

IHS Markit Amsterdam

Shavee smiles in Hong Kong

IHS Markit Hong Kong

Last year, though the head-shaving events were thousands of miles apart, IHS Markit employees were able to cheer each other on via live-streaming video between events.

Singapore Markit employee shaves

IHS Markit Singapore

Employees hyped up the event to spread the word about St. Baldrick’s and why they were going bald for kids with cancer.

Shavee and barber in Amsterdam

IHS Markit Amsterdam

And they had a ton of fun in the process!

Tokyo shavee holds peace sign during shave

IHS Markit Tokyo

Markit Singapore shavee laughing

IHS Markit Singapore

Group photo at Markit Tokyo event

IHS Markit Tokyo

We can’t think of a better way to improve employee morale while helping kids with cancer in the process.

Shavee in Hong Kong holds St. Baldrick's brochure

IHS Markit Hong Kong

Visit the IHS Markit campaign page for information about this year’s global shave.

Going bald for kids with cancer is a lot of fun — especially when it’s with your co-workers. Find out how to bring head-shaving to your office today.

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