Meeting a Clark Kent: Our Behind-the-Scenes Tour of a Childhood Cancer Research Lab [PHOTO ESSAY]

by Erin Martorano
October 7, 2016

When 2010 Ambassador Sara was diagnosed with Wilms tumor in 2008, it was a birthday surprise her family did not expect. The now healthy 11-year-old and her family are still committed to fundraising for childhood cancer research, and they recently took a trip to Northwestern University to visit the St. Baldrick’s researcher her Hero Fund is helping support. Her mom tells the story below.

Sara with her family

Sara, bottom left, and her family at a St. Baldrick’s event in 2013.

I feel sick with guilt looking at this picture of our daughter Sara blowing out her fourth birthday candles.

Sara blowing out birthday candles days before her Wilms tumor diagnosis

29 days later, cancer barged into our home and attacked Sara.

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Memory of the Summer Olympics (and Childhood Cancer)

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
August 15, 2012

By Erin Martorano, mother to Sara, St. Baldrick’s 2010 Ambassador Kid

I was feelin’ a little “off” earlier this week.

Not sick —

like something was not right.

I was in our kitchen making hair bows.

I was watching the Olympics on TV.

I felt nauseous with worry.

What is my problem?


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