Rodeo Queen Katie Perry’s Hairstyle Tips for Shavees [PHOTO ESSAY]

by Katie Perry
April 29, 2017

You did it. You just shaved your head. Feels pretty weird, huh? Your bald head is like Velcro — catching fuzz, sticking to your pillow and stocking caps. Your showers are lightning fast, which is awesome! But then, you catch yourself staring in the mirror. Slowly, but surely, your hair is growing back. What do you do with it? Don’t fear, fellow shavee Katie Perry is here to provide you with hairstyle tips!

Katie Perry collage

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Katie Perry and I shaved my head on December 20, 2014 at my local St. Baldrick’s event. It was my last appearance as Miss Rodeo Illinois and I wouldn’t have changed this entire experience for the world.

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I had tons of long, beautiful locks that were cut off, shaved and gone in an instant — just like kids with cancer, but of course they don’t have a choice in the matter.

To be honest, it was a difficult transition for me, but I’ve got some advice for y’all, which hopefully will make it easier for you!

Katie Perry buzz cut

Katie rocks “the buzz” soon after her shave with St. Baldrick’s.

First, you need to remind yourself that you’re not the only one.

Second, you are brave.

Third, you are STILL bringing awareness to childhood cancer.

Fourth, you get to embrace the many different stages of your hair growth and you’re going to rock it! I’m going to show you a few hairstyles that were saving graces as my hair grew out and give you some tips on managing your hair growth.

The Buzz

At one month post-shave, the buzz was by far my favorite length! It was a long buzz, but before it got ‘fluffy’. Most times, I wore my hair just as it was. But sometimes I would add a little flair with a cute headband to create a fun new look. Headbands can really make your outfit pop!

Another way to style the buzz is with a scarf. It looks neat and there are so many ways to wrap them!

Hot tip #1: When the buzz starts turning ‘fluffy’ it’s time to get your hair trimmed and shaped up. If you don’t cut it, you’ll end up with some pretty uneven hair growth.

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After seven months, finally I had bangs! I managed to style a cute ‘poof’ with a lot of paste and hair spray. To create this hairstyle, tease your whole head using a teasing comb. Pull your bangs back, while keeping a little ‘poof’ and then hold it in place with bobby pins.

You can also get highlights to add flair and texture to your hair.

Katie Perry bangs

Hot tip #2: Find a good hair paste that works for you! I used paste every day to give my hair volume and texture. With damp hair, add a dime-sized amount to your hands. Work your hands through your hair, pulling strands away from your head to achieve a “piecey” look, and then blow dry.

Front Braid

Katie Perry front braid

When I hit the one-year mark, not only did I have a full set of bangs, I could braid them and have a cute hairdo! I’m not gonna lie, the front braid took a lot of patience and a lot of paste.

Start the French braid at your part and work your way across the top of your head, framing your face with the braid. When you reach your ear, stop and add bobby pins to keep it in place.

Katie Perry braid selfie

Hot tip #3: Bobby pins for the win! Not only did I use them when braiding, but also when I swooped my bangs to the side. On the side without my bangs, I placed two bobby pins behind my ear to keep my hair tucked back.

The Tousled Look

Katie Perry collage of her tousled look and in a hat

After one year of growth, I started using a flat iron to curl the ends of my hair. I still wear my hair like that on the daily. It’s a beach wave, tousled look, which is totally in – and it’s quick and easy to do.

Hot tip #4: Add a hat and really look chic!

The Bob

Katie Perry bob hairdo collage

At two years and counting, I’m still getting it cut every month to keep the shape and give it an angled look. I wear it this way straight as well!

I cannot believe it has almost been two and half years since I shaved. I did it for one reason and one reason only — to shine a light on childhood cancer and raise funds for children’s cancer research. I did it for the kids. I did it for my friend Honored Kid Lily.

Katie Perry bob hairdo

I hope these tips help you throughout your journey. Find what works for you and you’ll happily rock your new hairdo for the right reasons, just like I did — for kids with cancer.

The only way to try Katie’s tips is to rock the bald — sign up and shave your head for lifesaving childhood cancer research.

Rock the Bald

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