Avery’s First St. Baldrick’s Event [PHOTO ESSAY]

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
March 27, 2013

Avery, one of five St. Baldrick’s Ambassadors in 2013, attended her first head-shaving event this month at McMullan’s Irish Pub in Las Vegas. Avery’s mom, Stephanie, tells the story, with photos by Melissa Jacks Photography.

This was an amazing first event for our family. Until now, we had only heard about the great things that St. Baldrick’s does for kids’ cancer research, so we were thrilled when we got the invitation to come see an event in action at McMullan’s Irish Pub in Las Vegas.


Everyone welcomed Avery with hugs and high fives. They made sure that all of us felt special and a part of this great event.


It was my teenage son’s birthday that day, and he was not too excited about attending a cancer event on his birthday. It’s hard to have a sibling with cancer, especially when they are the “star of the show” on your special day! But as one person after another wished him a happy birthday, he started having fun. He didn’t know how everyone knew, but he enjoyed the attention!


We learned that the owners of the pub lost their young daughter to cancer. To hear their heartbreaking journey, and then to see how they are turning their pain into a mission to help other kids, was so inspiring.


There was a Family Hour before the head-shaving began, with tons of things for the kids to do. They had plenty of food, face painting, and balloons for all the kids.


The face painters were so talented — some of the best I have ever seen!


One of Avery’s doctors, Dr. Bernstein, shaved, and they let Avery take a few swipes with the clippers. She was thrilled to help out.


Jeramy is one of the techs at the center where Avery is being treated for pilocytic astrocytoma. He asked if Avery could be the one to shave his head. It was his seventh year shaving, and he was being sworn in to the Knights of the Bald Table.


Jeramy and Avery have a special bond. Whenever she feels pain, she asks for him.  He tells her jokes or shoots gloves at her. Of course, she was happy to shave his head!


I am glad the whole family got to see what a St. Baldrick’s event is. We are amazed at the huge amount of support and all the effort these planners put into making these events successful. We are humbled to help conquer childhood cancer — even in our small way — and we look forward to supporting St. Baldrick’s until that goal is achieved!


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