14 Years of Excellence: LAFD and LAPD Go Bald For Kids With Cancer [PHOTO ESSAY]

by Jeena Gould, St. Baldrick's Foundation
May 20, 2016

In March, one of our longest running head-shaving events — a collaboration between the Los Angeles Fire and Police Departments — returned for the 14th year in a row. Read on to learn about the VEOs behind the event and to see some fun photos along the way.

Young boy getting his head shaved

It all started back in 2003.

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What Do You Decide to Do About Your Scar? [PHOTO ESSAY]

by Diana Liang
September 9, 2013


Diana Liang photographed St. Baldrick’s Ambassador Luke and his family at Lake Michigan in 2012. You can see more of Diana’s work at www.dianaliangphotography.com.

Do you think you have a lot going on in your life? Perhaps you are a parent. Maybe you have a lot going on at work or you have a business you’re giving every bit of yourself to. You could be working on a new career. Maybe you are doing all of these things at the same time.

Most of us have (or think we have) a lot going on in our lives. Hopefully whatever it is that you are focusing on in your life right now is something that matters and something that makes you happy.

Sometimes, life hits us hard on top of everything that we have going on. And. It. Hurts. Bad. The most important thing is how we decide to use that, what we get out of it, and what we decide to do.

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Avery’s First St. Baldrick’s Event [PHOTO ESSAY]

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
March 27, 2013

Avery, one of five St. Baldrick’s Ambassadors in 2013, attended her first head-shaving event this month at McMullan’s Irish Pub in Las Vegas. Avery’s mom, Stephanie, tells the story, with photos by Melissa Jacks Photography.

This was an amazing first event for our family. Until now, we had only heard about the great things that St. Baldrick’s does for kids’ cancer research, so we were thrilled when we got the invitation to come see an event in action at McMullan’s Irish Pub in Las Vegas.


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