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5 Ways to Use Facebook to Increase Your Fundraising

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
March 15, 2017

Facebook can be used for more than sharing cute animal videos. It’s a great tool to share your fundraising page, ask for donations, and recruit friends to join you!

Facebook and st baldricks

Here are our five favorite tips for using Facebook to increase your fundraising:

1. Make a public event. Create an event page from your personal Facebook account that runs until the date of your St. Baldrick’s event. Invite ALL of your friends – you never know who will donate – and include a link to your fundraising page, a little about St. Baldrick’s and why you’re raising money for childhood cancer research. Continuously update your event page with how much you’ve raised and ask for donations to help you reach your goal!

Make a public event

2. Post on your personal page and in groups. A great way to raise awareness is by changing your profile picture and/or cover photo to a St. Baldrick’s image. Feel free to use any image from the St. Baldrick’s Facebook page. You should also utilize Facebook groups you’re already in! Post your fundraising link in your group(s) to let them know what you’re doing and ask for donations.

Post on your personal page and in groups

Bonus! Add a St. Baldrick’s Facebook frame to show your support of childhood cancer research. Search ‘St. Baldrick’s’ on this page of available frames. Then choose your favorite!

Pick a Facebook frame to show your support

3. Share on the St. Baldrick’s Facebook page. We love seeing when you hit your fundraising goal or updates on how close you are. Engage with the St. Baldrick’s community by posting on our wall or commenting on visitor posts to give encouragement to other volunteers. Don’t forget to invite your Facebook Friends to “Like” the Foundation’s Page too!

Share on the St. Baldrick's Facebook page

4. Be generous. Do you know a friend or loved one shaving their head? Give them a shout out by sharing their fundraising link on your Facebook page! They’ll appreciate your support and it will help them get even more donations. Tag them and hopefully they will return the favor!

Be generous

5. Create your own page. If you are a VEO, consider creating your own St. Baldrick’s Facebook page, to support your event. With your own page, you’ll be able to promote your event in a way that engages local supporters, message your supporters personally, post information specifically for your event and give your followers updates throughout the year. After creating your Facebook Page, tell the Foundation about it, so we can give you a ‘Like’!

Create your own Facebook page

And don’t forget to tag us so we can find you! Make sure to tag the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in your posts — we might want to share it with our followers.

Tag us

For more information about these five tips, check out the resource lounge and search ‘Social Media.’ If you have other questions about social media, email

Looking for more tips? Check out these blogs for more ideas on how to reach your fundraising goal! And if you haven’t already, be sure to register for a St. Baldrick’s event near you or start your own!

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