St. Baldrick’s Foundation Scientific Review Process

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
October 1, 2012

While shavees and volunteers are raising funds to be used for grants, researchers are making their way through a rigorous grant application process. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation had over 100 reviewers from the pediatric hematology and oncology community review grants in 2012.

Each application is reviewed by at least three pediatric hematology/oncology researchers, using the same rating system used by the National Cancer Institute. If all three reviewers give an application an excellent score, it’s recommended for funding. (A poor score from all three means it’s not recommended.) If the scores vary or are not decisive, the application goes to a larger committee of reviewers to discuss and vote on a final score.

With these scores in hand, the board of directors meets in June to see how much is available for grants and to make final funding decisions. For spring grants, the scientific review score is the determining factor.

Funding types for the spring grant cycle include: Fellows, Scholars, Research Grants, Supportive Care Research Grants, Consortium Research Grants and International Scholars.

To learn more about these grant types and see the research currently being funded, click here.