St. Baldrick’s Foundation Partners with the McKenna Claire Foundation

by Kristine Wetzel
August 5, 2013

McKenna Claire Foundation Logo
After becoming immersed in the world of pediatric cancer, we were astounded by the incredible lack of awareness and funding that childhood cancer receives from the government and other large institutions. In order to do our part in finding a cure so that no other child has to suffer, we founded the McKenna Claire Foundation.

Because childhood cancers are so varied and the need so great, we soon realized that this was a job bigger than any one foundation. With the thought that our voices and our funds are more powerful when united, we began looking for a way to partner with other foundations in order to make funding more effective.

We have such great respect for the outstanding work that St. Baldrick’s has done in providing grants to innovative researchers and the professionalism with which these grants are reviewed, so we decided to reach out and see if there was a way for St. Baldrick’s to partner with smaller foundations to streamline funding and get more grants to more researchers in a timely manner.

We were thrilled when we found St. Baldrick’s to be receptive to the partnership concept, effectively allowing small foundations to continue to honor their children and their cause while helping to make a bigger impact on research than working alone.

We are grateful to St. Baldrick’s for launching this program, and it is our hope that as we continue to build on the partnership concept that we will be able to deliver more effective, less invasive treatments to our children who so desperately need it.

You can read more about McKenna Claire on our blog or by liking the McKenna Claire Foundation on Facebook.