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St. Baldrick’s and Sport Clips Partnership: $1M Raised and Counting!

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 21, 2019

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Sport Clips Haircuts are excited to announce they’re renewing their very successful partnership dedicated to fighting childhood cancers for another three years. As part of this renewed partnership, Sport Clips has recommitted their efforts to conquer childhood cancers and will donate another $1 million to St. Baldrick’s.

The partnership will continue to focus on the goal of finding better treatments – and eventually a cure – for childhood cancers.


Three years ago, St. Baldrick’s and Sport Clips set a bold goal to raise $1 million for the fight against childhood cancers. The partnership between St. Baldrick’s and Sport Clips was a smash hit from the start, according to Gordon B. Logan, Sport Clips’ CEO. “When we were approached in 2015 to review St. Baldrick’s outstanding contributions to childhood cancer research and to consider signing on as a national partner, it was a simple decision,” Logan said. “Of course we would.”

In truth, Sport Clips stylists and executives had been supporting St. Baldrick’s important mission for years by this point. In 2007, Keli Knappage, then a Sport Clips stylist, was asked to help shave heads at a St. Baldrick’s event. It was the first of many head-shaving affairs for Keli, who by 2016 had participated in nine straight St. Baldrick’s events at Trinity Hall in Dallas. At her seventh St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event, Keli turned the tables and had her own head shaved.

Asked why she supports St. Baldrick’s, Keli said the head-shaving events make for a good time for the right cause. “It’s a lot of fun,” she said. “I think volunteering with St. Baldrick’s is the best thing I do all year.”

Breaking Head-Shaving Records, Reaching Lofty Goals

Officially, the St. Baldrick’s and Sport Clips partnership kicked into high gear in early 2016. At the company’s annual National Huddle event in San Antonio, Sport Clips broke St. Baldrick’s record for most heads shaved in a day. Along with hundreds of his employees, Logan had his head shaved and helped raise $110,000 for childhood cancer research.

Kathleen Ruddy, St. Baldrick’s CEO, was on hand to accept the donation, which was used to fund research and clinical trials that find new and better treatments for childhood cancers. That was only the beginning and the momentum picked up from there.

St. Baldrick’s, Sport Clips Continue the Fight

Today, we’re excited to say that Sport Clips has raised more than $1.1 million for childhood cancer research. In reaching their ambitious goal, Sport Clips team members participated in more than 100 St. Baldrick’s head-shaving events. With more than 1,800 locations in the U.S and Canada, many stores also hosted local fundraisers and their own head-shaving events.

While we’re very excited about these achievements, there’s still work to be done. The partnership between St. Baldrick’s and Sport Clips will continue because both organizations are committed to funding the best childhood cancer research. The simple and brutal truth is that cancer continues to take kids’ lives, which means we need more head-shaving events and more money for childhood cancer research.

So, what’s up next for this dynamic partnership?

In April, Sport Clips will host its annual National Huddle in Las Vegas and bring together more than 3,000 team members from the U.S. and Canada. St. Baldrick’s representatives will host two interactive sessions with attendees, where they’ll learn more about how they can expand efforts to host head-shaving events and fundraisers in their locations.

The following testimonials from St. Baldrick’s and Sport Clips representatives demonstrate how both organizations are committed to using their partnership to fund the best childhood cancer research.

A tremendous partner

Sport Clips has been a tremendous partner in the fight against childhood cancers. Few companies have made so direct or lasting an impact on the survival of children with cancer throughout the United States, and through their continued support St. Baldrick’s will be able to fund the most promising childhood cancer research to find cures and better treatments. We are grateful to be able to continue our partnership with Sport Clips and can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together over the next three years.

Kathleen Ruddy, St. Baldrick’s Foundation CEO

Makes perfect sense

The extension of our partnership with St. Baldrick’s makes perfect sense, as our organizations make a great team, with St. Baldrick’s hosting shave events and Sport Clips providing stylists to shave heads. It has been a privilege to help St. Baldrick’s positively impact the lives of countless children by contributing to their research funding. We are excited to continue this relationship to expand the mission of this worthwhile organization.

Gordon B. Logan, Sport Clips founder and CEO

All hands on-deck

As a team, we understand the importance of this event and what it means to everybody involved. When we start the planning process each year, it’s all hands on-deck. My team and I are excited to watch the event come together and see how much money we can raise for the cause. I am just so grateful for all the support they provide.

Jason McKinley, Sport Clips franchisee, New Jersey

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