Meet Brooks

by Avis Matsuda, St. Baldrick's Foundation
January 2, 2018

Brooks was only 5 years old, but he had a passion for life! He loved dance parties, Hot Wheels cars, monster trucks, Legos and video games.

His favorite holidays were Christmas and the Fourth of July, and his favorite sports were baseball and soccer. Brooks knew every pizza joint in town and loved salami sandwiches.  He enjoyed taking walks to look for rocks or shells on the beach.

Brooks with his favorite toy, Hot Wheels
Brooks enjoys the outdoors

He especially loved his younger brother and sister, who are twins. And like many boys his age, Brooks wanted to be a race car driver when he grew up.

Brooks with his siblings

Nothing could have prepared his family for the out-of-the-blue news that their active, healthy, life-loving son had cancer. Brooks had two stage 4, inoperable anaplastic astrocytomas in his brain and would later develop another tumor on his cervical spine.

Brooks in the hospital

Brooks endured radiation treatment, surgery, therapy, medicine and whatever else the doctors asked of him with bravery beyond his young years. He fought the cancer with a “faith over fear” attitude and inspired all who joined him on his journey, challenging them to be “bigger than brave … to be Brooks brave.”

Brooks laughs

His family keeps Brooks’ memory alive by raising awareness and funds for research through a St. Baldrick’s Hero Fund, the “Be Brooks Brave” High Grade Glioma Research Fund.

Brooks with his family

His mom, Tracey, said, “We carry his bravery, faith and love with us. We are dedicated to changing the outcome of ‘no treatment options.’ We pray this money makes the difference in helping future families faced with the same devastating news.”

Brooks with his mom
Brooks with his dad

The little boy who loved life will never be forgotten, because his legacy lives on in the efforts of his family and friends, who fight against childhood cancer while being “Brooks brave.”

Brooks gives a thumbs up

Brooks is one of five St. Baldrick’s Foundation 2018 Ambassadors, representing the thousands of kids touched by cancer each year. Say hello to our next 2018 Ambassador …

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