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5 Ways to Work Your Bald Head

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
March 31, 2023

The cape comes off, the broom comes out and there’s a chill around your dome that wasn’t there a few minutes ago. You’re bald … now what?

Continue fundraising to #ConquerKidsCancer, that’s what!

Here are 5 easy ways you can work your bald head to raise funds for lifesaving childhood cancer research:

(Pssst…your participant page link stays active until the end of the year!)

man getting his head shaved

1) Post your picture!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so when you reach out to your network, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or any social platform, share a photo of you rocking the bald!

Consider using a before and after shot to “wow” your friends with your transformation.

Have photo or video footage of your shave happening? Share that, too!

Remember to tag @StBaldrick’s and use the hashtags #RockTheBald and #ConquerKidsCancer on any photos or videos you post so that we can share it, too!

Don’t forget to caption your photo, including a link to your participant page — you never know who might be inspired to donate!

2) Share your story with your network!

Pull people in further by telling your unique head-shaving story. Share your story on social media or send an email to friends and family. Let them know what inspired you to head-shave and why supporting kids with cancer is important to you.

Has an Honored Kid story touched your heart? Did a St. Baldrick’s researcher and their work spike your interest? Inspire others by telling it all!

3) Collect on those promised donations

Don’t be afraid to hit up those almost-donors who promised to give on your head! Sometimes people just need a gentle reminder and a friendly nudge.
You could say something like, “I remember you saying that you wanted to support my fundraiser for kids’ cancer research. Don’t worry! I may be bald, but isn’t too late to donate!”

Plus, this time is a perfect time to stay in touch and connect with friends and family!

4) Fundraise Online

We’ve gone from a time where you could once keep a ‘tip’ jar at your desk at work, in your employer’s reception area, or at your favorite coffee shop. Now, for most of us, we’re doing everything from home, so why not test the waters with an online fundraiser instead?

You can share your participant page with your networks OR start a Facebook Fundraiser. Both options allow your supporters to donate right online, making it quick and easy to give from the comfort of their home.

5) Be a bold and bald motivator!

Your act of going bald has given you the right to recruit others to shave!
Consider sending a request to friends asking them to join you in going bald for kids with cancer, and if they don’t want to shave, encourage them to make a donation instead. Keep the chain going by having your friends reach out to their friends requesting the same.

And if you and your friends need some help caring for your new do, check out these 6 tips on how to care for a shaved head.

Ready to do something else to help kids with cancer? Learn other ways to get involved.

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