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Introducing the Baldrick’s Brigade!

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
January 14, 2020

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has a very important job to do – and that’s to #DFYchildhoodCancers. It can’t be done alone, and in fact, it takes an army of supporters to make a difference. We’re proud to say that St. Baldrick’s donors and volunteers are all-in to help kids with cancer, raising money to fund the most promising pediatric cancer research. This year, we’re introducing the “Baldrick’s Brigade” – igniting our communities of supporters to do more in the fight against childhood cancers, together.

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What is the Baldrick’s Brigade?

The Baldrick’s Brigade was formed to unite our most loyal supporters around the globe to be champions for kids with cancer and help further the St. Baldrick’s mission. It’s an army of individuals committed to raising critical funds, encouraging others to get involved, and spreading awareness to do more in their communities. It’s a team of enthusiastic donors and volunteers who go above and beyond to make a difference for kids.  

Every 2 minutes, somewhere in the world, a child is diagnosed with cancer, and of those who survive, 99% face lifelong health issues from treatment by age 50. While we’re proud to be the #1 private funder of childhood cancer research grants, there’s a lot of great research not yet funded. That’s where the Baldrick’s Brigade comes in – we’re rallying the troops, and with the partnership of our dedicated supporters, we can get there.

Membership in the Baldrick’s Brigade is earned annually by completing at least one of three activities to help raise critical funds that support the best childhood cancer research, wherever it takes place.

How do you join the Baldrick’s Brigade?

Join the 2020 Baldrick’s Brigade by completing one of the following:

  • Start a Facebook fundraiser and raise $250 or more in 2020
  • Raise $250 or more as a participant at a 2020 head-shaving event
  • Start a monthly gift of $20/month or more in 2020

Once you’ve completed one of these activities, we welcome you to join us and become a proud member of the Baldrick’s Brigade. When you join, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits – in addition to knowing you’re helping kids with cancer.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Baldrick’s Brigade?

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to exclusive Brigade swag, including badges for your social media pages
  • Special communications from St. Baldrick’s on the latest news and impact you’ve made
  • VIP opportunity to meet a St. Baldrick’s-funded researcher
  • Each month, one lucky Brigade member will win exclusive St. Baldrick’s swag
  • And many more!

What are you waiting for? Act now and join the Baldrick’s Brigade today. Together, let’s make 2020 an amazing start to a new decade in helping kids with cancer.

Questions? Want to learn more about the Baldrick’s Brigade? Check out our webpage or contact us at Brigade@StBaldricks.org.

Join the Brigade today and #DFYchildhoodCancers!

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