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Arden Quinn Bucher’s intelligence, empathy, and dynamic personality charmed everyone. Prior to her Neuroblastoma diagnosis on October 11, 2007 at age 2, she happily played with boundless energy. She bravely managed to keep smiling and learning throughout her difficult months of treatment. Arden’s memorial fund supports St. Baldrick’s mission: funding the most promising research, wherever it takes place to provide kids fighting cancers less toxic, more effective treatments allowing them to live longer, healthier lives.
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You have always answered the call, and we have always appreciated your tremendous support. This fund is an opportunity for you to bloom like those beautiful sunflowers do each year that remind us of the love and hope that surrounded Arden in her battle!!

Anyone who wishes to donate directly to the Arden Quinn Bucher Memorial Fund, or to hold an event or fundraiser to support it is welcome to do so. Feel free to contact Kelly Forebaugh at St. Baldrick’s (kelly@stbaldricks.org) who can help guide you, and also us, Amy and Rick Bucher at rabucher@gmail.com, so we can send our gratitude your way and try to attend if we can!

Meanwhile, we will update this page with any news or upcoming events, which is another reason to keep us in the loop with your efforts. We’d love to acknowledge you here as well.

As Arden’s siblings grow and mature, they find so much comfort in the good we are doing in their sister’s honor. We can’t count how often they talk about her or express their sadness that they can’t play with her or never had the opportunity to get to know her. Thanks for helping our children see the “helpers” in the aftermath of such unthinkable loss for our family and process the pain with the joy that comes from giving back and potentially changing the world for other children.

Thank you again and again, for all you do in our Sweetpea’s memory. Much love and God bless.

Arden Quinn Bucher Memorial Fund Highlights & Happenings

Paul Braves the Shave

Paul is braving the shave in memory of Arden and helping fund childhood cancer research so kids battling cancer have better treatment options.  Please donate on Paul's head!

Your Support Means So Much

These friends and family members helped us raise funds for childhood cancer research in honor of Arden! See the 2016-2019 list.

2020 Team Arden Nation

The Arden Nation shave team is back for 2020. Check out the team page and our generous donors here.

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Where does the money go?

Donations given to the Arden Quinn Bucher Memorial Fund have generously supported a St. Baldrick's Research Grant for William Weiss M.D., Ph.D. and fully funded a St. Baldrick's Scholar Grant extension for Hui Feng M.D, Ph.D.Link Both doctors are researching better cures for neuroblastoma. 

The St. Baldrick's Foundation is guided by a Scientific Advisory Committee, comprised of leading experts in the childhood cancer community, to ensure that every dollar makes the greatest impact for kids with cancer. 


Who's involved

These people make us smile - they’re the doers and money-raisers on behalf of the Arden Quinn Bucher Memorial Fund. They’re shaving their heads, hosting events, starting fundraisers and more to make childhood cancer research possible.

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Get involved your own way:

Start your own St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event to raise money on behalf of our Hero Fund! You’ll be paired with a staff member who will walk you through every step of the process, and you’ll have fun knowing you’re doing a great thing for kids with cancer.

Register to shave your head and raise money for our Hero Fund at any St. Baldrick’s event happening around the world! Not finding an event near you? Register as a virtual shavee and shave your head anytime, anywhere.

Head-shaving not your thing? You can start a fundraiser to raise money for our Hero Fund with St. Baldrick’s in a way that interests you! Like biking? Bike a marathon. Like baking? Start a cookie baking fundraiser… You get the picture.

Need help? Email us at Funds@StBaldricks.org

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