Work That Bald Head

A Shavee’s Guide to Fundraising

You’re shaving your head to help kids with cancer.

Awesome. Let’s make the most of that baldness and kick your fundraising out of the park!

Spice up your page

Your head will be bald, but your page shouldn’t. Make it personal, make it exciting, and tell your story.

  • Upload a before picture
  • Create a custom page link
  • Set an ambitious fundraising goal
  • Write a compelling website message
  • Find a child to honor

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Make the first donation

Think about the dollar amount you want your donors to give. That’s the amount you should give. You set the pace by making the first donation. Hint: If you raise $50+, you’ll earn a commemorative St. Baldrick’s t-shirt

Our five favorite fundraising tips

  • 1.
    Get inspired

    Every two minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer – that’s 300,000 kids every year. St. Baldrick’s exists to find cures for these brave kids. By raising money and shaving your head, you’re helping to fund the most-promising childhood cancer research in the world.

    Ask your friends to watch this video. Then visit our YouTube or Vimeo pages for more video goodness.

  • 2.
    Spread the word

    Send messages to family and friends with details about why and when you’re shaving, ask them to give, and include the link to your page. Reach out via email, text, mail, social media, and don’t be afraid to send reminders!

    At a loss for words? Use our sample email and social media templates to get started.

  • 3.
    Use the Resource Lounge

    The Resource Lounge in your Members Area is full of tips and tools to help you make the most of your fundraising efforts. Your outreach will be done in a snap with our sample emails and social media posts. Need posters, thank you cards, or tips on how to ask for donations? We’ve got you covered.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us at We’re here to help.

  • 4.
    Share on social media

    Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the best places to share what you’re up to! Post the link to your page, give fundraising updates, ask people to give, and share stories from the St. Baldrick’s blog. After your shave, post your #baldselfie!

    For even more ideas, download this shavee social media guide or tweet us your questions!

  • 5.
    Write thank you letters by hand

    Everyone loves a heart-felt, handwritten letter. Find some cool stationery and make your donor’s day. You can also print out a thank you card from the Resource Lounge to mail their way.

    Prefer to email your donors? Log in and click the gift box to send thank you emails directly from your Members Area. Your donors will be happy to hear from you!

How to submit your donations

Our best advice? Encourage online giving to see instant fundraising bar gratification.

  • Credit Card

    Send donors directly to your online participant page, and ask them to click the “Donate” button on your page to give by credit card. They will receive a receipt via email automatically and their gift will appear on your page right away!

  • Checks

    Ask donors to make their checks out to “St. Baldrick’s Foundation”, include your Participant ID# in the memo line, and fill out a donation form to accompany each check. Use the pre-paid envelopes mailed to you to send your checks and donation forms to the Foundation before your event.

  • Cash

    You can collect cash donations and submit them online in the Donations section of your Members Area (please do not mail cash). You’ll record each cash gift individually, and then “pay” for them with your credit card and keep the cash as reimbursement.

What’s your fundraising secret?

  • Andrew S.

    Over $6,435 raised since 2013 “The one main tip I'd suggest is to not be afraid to ask people more than once. A lot of times people intend to donate and need to put it off for various reasons. Sometimes they even thank you for reminding them!”

  • Mara and Kaela of Team Brave

    $10,860 raised since 2014 “We wanted everyone to know that shaving our heads isn't a big thing, but having cancer is. So we started a team and raised money together!”

  • Wyatt E.

    $8,469 raised in 2014 “I set a personal goal to get donations from all 50 U.S. states. I knew it was going to be hard, but thought a challenge was a good idea. The fundraiser took off on social media and donations started coming in from people I didn't even know! Just be creative.”

Your personal cheer squad

We’re here to help! Get in touch with us for any fundraising questions, childhood cancer questions or even those why-is-the-sky-blue kinds of questions.

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