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Dominic was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma before kindergarten in 2008 and died days after he finished second grade in 2011. Dom achieved many things and made many friends in his three years of school. Dominic touched our lives briefly but left us with a lifetime of dreams to hold on to.
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My Super Hero!

As Super Heroes go Dominic didn't wear a cape nor have some coded ring that brought villains to their knees, Dom was a hero who endured pain and suffering so one day his 'kryptonite' can be cured so no other hero has to live life on the edge as Dom did. My hero fought his battles in a clinic, a hospital, and at school unlike other heroes who fought the good fight amongst explosions and death rays. Unlike the Bat Cave or Superman’s lair Dominic’s hideout was cleverly disguised as a boy’s bedroom, which he shared with his sidekick Ryan. Dominic didn't have a utility belt, a cape, or some secret flying power to defend himself instead he used his smile, gentle looks, and analytical mind to diffuse a villain. Kryptonite eventually got to my hero, taking his physical body but never touching his spirit, as he lay taking his last breath my hero's spirit exited his body and entered mine so it could live on and be born again. Rest now Dom, there are no villains where you have traveled. POW! BIF! BAM!

-- Ernie Cairo, 2011

Dominic was truly our Hero. When we had heard about the Hero Fund we thought it would be a perfect way of keeping Dominic’s name alive while doing what we do for St. Baldrick's. We have been working with St. Baldrick’s since 2008 and since Dominic’s death in 2011 his school, Ogden Avenue, and their amazing Student Council have started a team in his name called Do It for Dominic. Because of this team and its wonderful leader, Mrs. Tara Petersen, we are able to start the Hero Fund this year. The Hero fund will help us focus our efforts towards the same goal of finding a cure for pediatric cancer so that no other child ever has to go through what Dominic had to endure. This is why we do what we do and this is why we ‘Do It for Dominic’.


Do It For Dominic Fund Highlights & Happenings

Do It For Dominic Team

The Do It for Dominic team is back for the 10th year! Please join us on September 17th.

St. Baldrick’s Grant Funding in Illinois

More than $9 million has been given in childhood cancer research grants to institutions helping to find cures right in our backyard! See grants in Illinois.

Dominic Continues to Give

The Cairo Family and St. Baldrick’s have combined to raise over $58,000 to be used by Lurie Children’s Hospital. Watch news coverage of the check ceremony here.

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Where does the money go?

Donations made to the Do It For Dominic Fund have funded an Infrastructure Grant for the University of  Illinois- Chicago/ Rush/ Stroger Medical Centers, a  St. Baldrick's Fellow Grant for Lisa Mauer M.D. Ph.D., a St. Baldrick’s Scholar Grant for Matthew Barth M.D., a St. Baldrick's Research Grant for Jonathan Licht M.D., and the 2014 Infrastructure grant for Nobuko Hijiya M.D.Link Text HereLink Text Here

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is guided by a Scientific Advisory Committee, comprised of leading experts in the childhood cancer community, to ensure that every dollar makes the greatest impact for kids with cancer.


Who’s involved

These people make us smile - they’re the doers and money-raisers on behalf of Do It For Dominic. They’re shaving their heads, hosting events, starting fundraisers and more to make childhood cancer research possible.

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2021 Events for Do It For Dominic Fund

THE MAX Event Photo
    • Mar 17th, 2021
    • McCook, IL
    • 23 participants
    • $14,900.16 raised

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    Get involved your own way:

    Start your own St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event to raise money on behalf of our Hero Fund! You’ll be paired with a staff member who will walk you through every step of the process, and you’ll have fun knowing you’re doing a great thing for kids with cancer.

    Register to shave your head and raise money for our Hero Fund at any St. Baldrick’s event happening around the world! Not finding an event near you? Register as a virtual shavee and shave your head anytime, anywhere.

    Head-shaving not your thing? You can start a fundraiser to raise money for our Hero Fund with St. Baldrick’s in a way that interests you! Like biking? Bike a marathon. Like baking? Start a cookie baking fundraiser… You get the picture.

    Need help? Email us at Funds@StBaldricks.org

    This event is private.

    Private events are for people at the company, organization, school, etc., where the event is taking place. Please don't crash the party.

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