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Honored Kid Dominic J. Cairo

Dominic J. Cairo's Photo
La Grange Park, IL, US
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Date of Diagnosis
August 2008
Treated At
Childrens Memorial Chicago


Dominic was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma two days before he was to start kindergarten in 2008, he died just a few days after he finished second grade in 2011. Dom achieved many things and made many friends in his three years of school; most notably he was voted Math Wizard in first and second grades. Dominic learned to play chess and even taught myself, he was a very good teacher maybe a future math professor!
Dom loved to play video and board games; he loved to be the banker during Monopoly on family game night, maybe a future finance major!
Dom was always building with Lego’s, his Collection he called it, you see he built his own Lego town and buildings they were special. Maybe a future architect!
Dominic was our son who touched our lives briefly but left us with many dreams to hold to.
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