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Share your passion with the world.

Fundraise for childhood cancer research by bringing a head-shaving event to your local community.

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What is a Volunteer Event Organizer (VEO)?

VEOs are teachers, students, community leaders, or passionate employees who are committed to funding the best childhood cancer research. They’ve done it all…

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Here's how it works:

Step One

Sign up to organize an event

Start by submitting your general information so we can talk and get your online event page created.

You’ll be partnered with a member of our Special Event coaches. Together, you’ll customize your page and nominate your Core Volunteer Committee.

Step Two

Promote, Recruit, and Fundraise!

Get the word out on social media, send out emails far and wide, shout from the rooftops and plaster the city with your custom St. Baldrick's materials!

Share your passion for the cause and fundraising goal. Inspire others to donate and be a part of our mission.

Step Three

Host your event and make an impact for kids with cancer

Your Special Event coach will be your partner and provide you with everything you need to make the day stress-free.

Take a deep breath and be proud of all you’ve raised for childhood cancer research! The more money we raise, the more research that becomes possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information will we cover in our initial call?

  • How long does it take to organize an event?

  • What are the different Core Committee Roles?

  • How often should I expect to talk to my Event coach?

    Communication is key to a successful event! Plan to stay in touch with your event coach on a weekly basis. They are your most valuable resource!

  • What materials does St. Baldrick's supply?

  • Do you take hair donations?

Hear it from a VEO

Sarah Butler

3rd year VEO, Community event

Surround yourself with a great core committee that share the same event goals.

Caron Peck

2nd year VEO, K–12 event

My event coach is an invaluable asset — she patiently walked me through the entire process, reminding me when various things needed to be done.

Let's get started!

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