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The St. Baldrick’s Foundation welcomes grant applications for any of our open funding categories, and we're always happy to answer any questions you might have during the application process. Our grant categories are recommended by our Scientific Advisors, and applications are reviewed by hundreds of volunteer reviewers. Requests for funds outside of St. Baldrick’s grant cycles cannot be considered.

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Spring Grant Cycle

Spring cycle grants are funded based on scientific review. The following categories are available in the Spring Cycle. For eligibility and application information, please follow the category links below.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on fundraising, St. Baldrick’s will be only be offering Scholar, International Scholar, and Research Grant in the 2024 Spring grant cycle. 2025 announcements will be made when available.

St. Baldrick’s Scholars St. Baldrick’s International Scholars Research Grant

Supportive Care Research Grant

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on fundraising, St. Baldrick’s will not be offering Supportive Care Research Grants in the 2024 Spring grant cycle

Summer Fellowships

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on fundraising, St. Baldrick’s will not be offering Summer Fellowship in the 2024 Spring grant cycle

Consortium Research Grant

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on fundraising, St. Baldrick’s will not be offering Consortium Research Grants in the 2024 Spring grant cycle

Fall Grant Cycle

Fellows are funded based on scientific review. Infrastructure grants are funded based on need, expected outcomes, and local St. Baldrick’s participation, with a strong priority on geographic areas with no other St. Baldrick’s funding. The following categories are available in the Fall Cycle:

Infrastructure Grants St. Baldrick’s Fellows

St. Baldrick’s Robert J. Arceci Innovation Award

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation Robert J. Arceci Innovation Award (both US/Canadian and International) cannot be applied for; nominations are received and the award is granted at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation discretion. Please email for more details.

St. Baldrick's Foundation Resource Sharing Statement

Resource sharing is an expected outcome of all St. Baldrick’s Foundation supported grants. Grantees are expected to encourage and facilitate resource sharing. Sharing research outputs increases access to scientific information, promotes collaboration, accelerates discovery, and improves the reproducibility of research.

Here are some quick answers to a few frequently asked questions.

How do I apply?

Grant letters of intent (LOIs) and applications may be submitted online only through ProposalCentral. Please review this document for guidance on creating a new ProposalCentral account if you do not have one.

Spring Grant Schedule*
  • Open for LOI’s – October
  • Deadline for LOI’s – December
  • LOI Decisions – December
  • Full Application Deadline – February
  • Award Begins – July 1
Fall Grant Schedule*
  • Open for LOI’s– May
  • Deadline for LOI’s– early July
  • LOI Decisions – August
  • Full Application Deadline – late August/early September
  • Award Begins – December 1 or January 1 (Infrastructure), July 1 (Fellowship)

*Note: Submissions are due by 5pm EASTERN Time on all deadlines.

How do I submit the LOI/Application?

Please review this helpful document for instructions on creating an LOI/Application using ProposalCentral.

Am I eligible to apply?

Please consult the grant guidelines above to view all eligibility requirements for each grant type.

Where can I find the LOI instructions?

LOI Instructions are available under templates when you start the LOI in ProposalCentral. These instructions are also available at the links above.

I am on ProposalCentral and I do not see any applications open.

Applications are posted on ProposalCentral twice a year for the Spring and Fall grant cycles. Spring grant applications are generally available on ProposalCentral in October. Fall grant applications are generally available on ProposalCentral in May. To be notified when applications are available online and when they are due, contact and ask to be placed on the notification list.

I am trying to submit my application and the system will not allow me to submit.

There are two main reasons you may not be able to submit your application.

  1. The application needs to be Validated. “Validate” checks for required items and attachments, and you will not be able to submit if required items and/or attachments are missing. Once you have successfully validated your application, you should be able to submit.
  2. The deadline has passed. Pending applications can be viewed and edited even after the deadline has passed; however, applications cannot be submitted. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure and to verify that the online proposal is received before 5:00 p.m. EASTERN TIME by the deadline date.

I am submitting an application on behalf of a researcher. Do I apply using my ProposalCentral account?

The Principal Investigator must start the LOI or Application. However once a proposal is begun, access for application submittal can be given to other users, such as collaborators, assistants or grants and contracts staff. More information is available here.

I am trying to submit our LOI/application and realized the institution’s contact information is wrong in Proposal Central. Can you update this?

Unfortunately St. Baldrick’s is unable to access and edit institutional profiles in ProposalCentral. Institutions are registered on ProposalCentral by institution officials, who have the ability to log-in and update the information associated with that institution (here is more information on registering an institution).

How do I know my application was successfully submitted?

The ProposalCentral system will email a confirmation that the application was submitted. Once your application is submitted you may view it by logging-in and accessing the “Submitted” link under the “Manage Proposals” tab.

How will I be notified that my proposal was awarded?

St. Baldrick’s will contact you via email through the ProposalCentral system or by phone, to let you know of the final funding decision. Spring Cycle grants are notified before June 30th, Fall Cycle Infrastructure grants are notified in October, and Fall Fellowship grants are notified by March. Notifications might be by phone; be sure to include the best number to reach the PI directly, in your profile on ProposalCentral.

How do I upload my award deliverables?

Please refer to these instructions for navigating your awarded grant, including uploading your award deliverables.

Still have questions? Contact us.

For help using the online application system:
ProposalCentral Customer Support
(800) 875-2562

For grants inquiries:
St. Baldrick’s Foundation
Department of Grants Administration
(626) 792-8247

We'd be happy to add you to our mailing list so you can receive notifications for application deadlines. If you're interested, email and let us know.