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St. Baldricks Friends and Family

The St. Baldricks Events below have banded together in a big way—using a common theme to raise more awareness and funds than each could do alone. The events are spread across a region or country—or even around the world—all under a single campaign to Conquer Childhood Cancers.

Schools have joined a campaign to "compete" with other schools in their region to make a difference for kids with cancer.

Friends and family of specific kids have organized multiple events to raise funds so that someday no child will die of cancer.

Companies have brought colleagues, clients and vendors together with a set of events that combine team building, corporate social responsibility and a sense of fun like no other!

Most volunteers find that creating a team—even one that spreads over multiple events—will accomplish their goal. If you have an idea for a campaign involving multiple events around a theme, please contact

Campaign Listings



Number of

Number of

$589,861 Raised
12 Events
517 Shavees
$209,449 Raised
7 Events
216 Shavees
$197,378 Raised
4 Events
97 Shavees
$186,321 Raised
1 Events
62 Shavees
$168,989 Raised
3 Events
0 Shavees
$150,798 Raised
1 Events
28 Shavees
$87,848 Raised
1 Events
42 Shavees
$78,075 Raised
9 Events
103 Shavees
$77,805 Raised
1 Events
30 Shavees
$19,606 Raised
2 Events
25 Shavees
$9,488 Raised
1 Events
5 Shavees
$7,446 Raised
1 Events
2 Shavees
$0 Raised
1 Events
0 Shavees
$0 Raised
0 Events
0 Shavees