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Your event is what you make it. We’re here to help you make it awesome.

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Get Competitive!

Nothing like some healthy competition to up the stakes! Start a friendly challenge with a buddy to see who can raise more donations. Use our new Challenge pages to showcase your battle online!

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Your coaching team

We eat, sleep and dream of fundraising—email us, call us, Facebook message us, pigeon‑deliver a secret‑coded note, whatever works for you—we’re here to help!

People you’ll need

  • Shavees

    You know, those folks gettin’ bald and raising money. You tell five people, who each tell five people, and before you know it you have a bunch of shavees to sit in those barber chairs.

  • Two Treasurers

    There isn’t anything more important than taking care of the money that’s raised at your event. These two people must pass a background check before serving in this role.

  • One Shavee Recruiter

    You’ll be busy at the event, so you’ll need someone who is responsible for checking people in, making sure they’re registered online, passing out t‑shirts, and more.

  • One Barber Coordinator

    This person will recruit and schedule barbers for the event, making sure they are licensed in the state in which the event is taking place.

We also suggest these key volunteer roles to help your event run smoothly and raise more money!

Honor a child

Everyone needs a reason to raise money—and every honored child’s family Search for a child in your area, or find a story that moves you, then honor that child on your event page.

Honored kids

Make your event page shine

  • Customize your event website message
  • Add a photo or logo of your venue
  • Post your start and end times
  • Add activities and sponsors to the page

Customize your page in the Members Area

Promote your event

“Get talking—tell everyone, in every way possible.”

Use Facebook

  • Become Facebook friends with the people who register for your event, and thank them publically for their efforts.
  • Post a picture of the kids you chose to honor, share their stories, and ask your friends and family to share, too.
  • Like the St. Baldrick’s Facebook page and share some of your favorite posts.  We write these stories for you!

Download this guide to become a social media pro.

  • Send an email

    A personal email to your buddy with a link to your event page may be the nudge they need to register or make a donation.

  • Posters, buttons and brochures

    Get old school. Place posters in the windows of local businesses, pass out pocket brochures, share buttons with your venue and ask their staff to wear them.

  • Make personal phone calls

    Remember that story of the child your event is honoring? Call a friend and tell it.

  • Contact your local media

    Want your event to be all over the news? We’ll show you how to make headlines.

  • Recruit local businesses

    From collecting coins at the cash register to donating items for silent auctions, this guide to recruiting community partners is like gold.

Three smiling St. Baldrick's coaches

You’re the great communicator

Be the person reminding participants and volunteers that this is more than just a haircut, and cheer them on as they fundraise. Use Facebook, emails, phone calls, whatever works for you, to stay in touch and give feel‑good shout‑outs.

Don’t have time to do as much as you’d like? Appoint a volunteer who’s great at this!

The big day

Your coach will help you create an event schedule, provide you with tutorials for your key volunteers, and tips to make sure the event is successful and fun. Enjoy the day and soak in all its amazingness!

Reminder: We’ll need the day‑of‑event proceeds and the proceeds report returned to the Foundation within two weeks.

The end is just the beginning

Your money can now be used to set childhood cancer research in motion all over the world. We fund grants in spring, summer and fall, and will let you know exactly where your money goes.

Thanks for being you and for helping to make childhood cancer research possible!

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