The St. Baldrick's and ACS partnership

A new partnership between the St. Baldrick's Foundation (SBF) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) is about developing new and better treatments for childhood cancers.

The partnership combines the childhood cancer fundraising and research experience of St. Baldrick's with the reach and scale of the American Cancer Society. In collaborating, the organizations will accelerate research in childhood cancer faster than either organization could do on their own.

The TimeOut campaign is based on a practice - giving kids a "time out!" - that's synonymous with childhood and correcting situations we refuse to accept.

We refuse to accept that, worldwide, a child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes. And we refuse to accept that one in five kids diagnosed with cancer, in the U.S., won't survive.

This campaign is about helping kids get back to spending time doing what they love: playing, learning, and enjoying the company of friends and family.