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Double Your Donation,
Double the Impact — It’s Easy!

Did you know your donation could be doubled, or even tripled, meaning more research funding for kids with cancer?

Many companies have matching gift programs that will match the amount you give to St. Baldrick’s. To date we’ve received over 50,000 matching donations from donors like you, totaling over $6.5 million for kids’ cancer research!

Here’s how you can get started…

Step 1: Donate to St. Baldrick’s

Step 2: See if your employer will match your donation. Contact your Human Resources or Corporate Giving Department, or search for your company with the form on this page!

Step 3: Submit a matching gift request based on your employer’s instructions. Once we verify your donation, your company will issue their matched gift. We'll post it online as soon as it's been processed! 

(FYI: From the time your company issues their match, it can take up to eight weeks for your donation to be posted. We appreciate your patience as we make sure your donation is properly accounted for!)

We did the math on your gift’s impact when it's matched.  Here's how your gift can help conquer kids' cancer...

A matched $25 gift becomes $50, which can fund two hours of coordination for a clinical trial. These are often a child’s best hope for a cure.

A matched $50 gift becomes $100, which can fund four hours of research to improve patient and survivor quality of life.

A matched $250 gift becomes $500, which can provide one day of research for innovative projects — projects that can't continue without funding.

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