International Events

St. Baldrick's volunteers have a passion that's contagious, and because of that passion, what started in the U.S. is now taking place in countries all over the world. When events take place outside the U.S., the Foundation creates a partnership with childhood cancer organizations in the same country, ensuring that funds raised in the area, stay in the area, to help children with cancer locally.

If you are interested in starting a St. Baldrick's event outside the U.S. or want to learn more about becoming a St. Baldrick's international partner, contact us at

Partner Listings

Number of
Number of
$329,966 Raised
3 Events
122 Shavees
$289,239 Raised
6 Events
98 Shavees
$50,316 Raised
4 Events
17 Shavees
$27,653 Raised
3 Events
89 Shavees
$13,244 Raised
1 Events
6 Shavees
$5,876 Raised
1 Events
4 Shavees
$4,647 Raised
2 Events
5 Shavees
$1,843 Raised
1 Events
2 Shavees