Dear Friends,

We’ve all seen this happen — the well-spoken businesswoman dissolves into "goos" and "gaas" for a giggling baby. Or the buttoned-up teacher goes cross-eyed to crack up a classroom of preteens. There’s just something about kids that pushes us to go beyond the norm.

From the very beginning, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation has been a special kind of charity. Our supporters are known for going to great lengths (or should we say short lengths?) to make research happen.

We do it for the kids.

Never before has your support been more important than it is right now. Innovative therapies and technologies are taking shape that have the potential to help children in profound ways.

But there are hurdles ahead. An uncertain economy, busy volunteers, and greater competition from businesses and charities threaten funding for the research our kids rely on. So we’re tackling these challenges head-on with an awareness campaign designed to gain more support for lifesaving childhood cancer research.

The message is one that we can all stand behind: Kids are special. Let’s treat them that way — by funding cancer research just for them.

Thank you for spurring us on to adapt and grow to meet the ever-changing needs of childhood cancer research. You’re the ones who make it possible, and we couldn’t do it without your support.

Carpe baldem,

Charles M. Chamness Charles M. Chamess,
Board of Directors Chairman
Father of Joey, 10 year survivor
Kathleen M. Ruddy Kathleen M. Ruddy,
Chief Executive Officer
Board of Directors

Charles M. Chamness | Robert J. Arceci, M.D., Ph.D. (1950-2015, forever in our hearts) | Joe Bartlett | John R. Bender | Amy Bucher | Bill Gerber | William J. Hogan | Tim Kenny | Jeffrey M. Lipton, M.D., Ph.D. | Mike McCreesh | Enda McDonnell | Kathleen M. Ruddy

Board Members Emeritus

Francis Feeney | Tom Leonhardt | John McKenna

A New Brand Awareness Campaign

Kids. Children. Little Ones. Rug Rats. Offspring. Whatever you want to call them, you have to admit these people are the most remarkable creatures on the planet.

Our new brand awareness campaign is strategically designed to focus on CELEBRATING kids. Not pitying them, or feeling guilty that they get ill, but celebrating them. And by revering kids, we heighten the urgency to care for them. And care for them with proper treatment.

As adults, we have the power to do something remarkable for kids. Like helping find breakthrough treatments for pediatric cancer. New treatments designed specifically for kids.

Let’s celebrate kids. Let’s do the research to find treatment just for them. Let’s find cures for their cancers. That’s what the St. Baldrick’s brand is all about.

Brand Awareness

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation remains committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Every dollar we spend goes:

  • to our mission: to find cures for childhood cancers
  • to maximize our fundraising
  • to improve the effectiveness of our organization

And of course, every dollar spent on fundraising and administration is with the goal of having more for the mission!

The expense ratio varies each year, not only due to changing expenses, but also according to the amount raised by our volunteers.

As of the Foundation’s fiscal year end June 30, 2015, the board of directors has committed $805,266 to the new St. Baldrick’s Robert J. Arceci Innovation Award. As the recipients were not yet identified, this amount was not included in the program expense shown.

Statement of Activities
For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015

An independent audit of the St Baldrick’s Foundation has been performed by Armanino, LLP. A copy of the full financial statement is available at StBaldricks.org/financials. We will also gladly send a copy by mail upon request. Please contact Becky Weaver at 626.792.8247, ext. 212 or Becky@StBaldricks.org. All funds reflected on this page are listed in U.S. dollars.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to the following companies for their generous support.

our sponsors

Each year worldwide, 300,000 children and teens are diagnosed with cancer. We believe in funding the best research to find cures for these kids so they can live long, healthy lives.

Chase is one of these kids, and his story is still being written.

About Childhood Cancer

Welcome 2016 Ambassadors

Our five St. Baldrick’s Ambassadors each year tell their stories to represent more than 300,000 children and teens diagnosed with cancer worldwide each year.


Cheyenne Age 10

  • Colorado
  • T-lymphoblastic lymphoma
  • In Treatment

On January 30, 2015, Cheyenne couldn’t breathe. Hours later, in the hospital, her parents received the worst news. It was a tumor blocking her airway, specifically T-lymphoblastic lymphoma. The 10-year-old is now powering through two years of intense treatment. No matter how hard it gets, Cheyenne never loses the contagious smile that lights up her whole face and the faces of everyone around her.


Isaac Age 10

  • Illinois
  • Medulloblastoma
  • No evidence of disease (NED)

Diagnosed with medulloblastoma in 2011, Isaac endured brain surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. His smile persisted through it all. The fifth-grader is still smiling, building Legos, dancing, and playing with his siblings and bulldog, despite treatment effects. His mom says they organize a St. Baldrick’s event because "it's our family's way to make a difference so hopefully one day no other children will have to go through what Isaac did."


Phineas Age 7

  • North Carolina
  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
  • Cancer Free

Phineas loves his bike, adventure and St. Baldrick’s Scholar Dr. Daniel Lee. At age 4, Phineas was diagnosed with chemo-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), six years after his sister died from acute myeloid leukemia. An immunotherapy trial supported by St. Baldrick’s saved his life. Today, Phineas is cancer free and dreams of driving a real monster truck.


Alyssa Age 13

  • Seatac, WA
  • Ewing Sarcoma
  • No evidence of disease (NED)

One morning, Alyssa’s leg hurt so bad she couldn’t walk. It was a tumor in her femur, specifically Ewing sarcoma. Doctors had to blast her tumor with 115 rounds of chemotherapy and replace most of her femur with titanium. Now the resilient teen shows no evidence of disease and is already up and about on her “bionic” leg, getting stronger by the day.


Holden Forever 6 (May 31, 2007 – May 22, 2014)

  • Ohio
  • Wilms tumor

Holden loved every minute of life. He was relentless in his pursuit of being a "normal" kid, even during intense treatment for Wilms tumor - riding the bus, going to first grade, playing baseball, being a friend. He handled cancer and treatments with amazing grace, rolling with the punches, full of laughter, joy, and love. The St. Baldrick’s Invictus Hero Fund is in memory of Holden’s unconquerable spirit.

Hero Funds

hero funds

St. Baldrick’s Hero Funds raised more than $1.8 million in 2015. These families raise funds in honor or memory of a child or loved one, with the easy fundraising and extraordinary grant-making of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation – no need to start a new foundation!

In Memory of Alan Sanders

Alan’s Angels is a team of volunteers and shavees raising money in memory of Alan, forever 5. Judy Sanders, team leader and Alan’s mom, also created the Alan’s Sarcoma Research Fund, a St. Baldrick’s Hero Fund. Fundraising doesn’t stop with head-shaving. To honor Alan and help other children with cancer, team members participate in other unique activities from Bunco nights, to auctions, and even a rocket launches!

Heroes for Hannah Fund

St. Baldrick’s Hero Funds can support a specific type of research, or even have a grant named for them. The Heroes for Hannah Fund, the top fundraising Hero Fund of 2015, honors brain tumor fighter Hannah with a named research grant at Emory University to help researchers better understand medulloblastoma. Hannah has inspired many to raise funds in unique ways, from head-shaving events to coin drives and distance swim/runs in the Cayman Islands!

Sweet Caroline Hero Fund

Caroline had a generous spirit, a contagious grin, and a wicked fashion sense. Members of One Direction cheered her on through social media as she fought osteosarcoma. Two days after being announced as a St. Baldrick’s 2015 Ambassador, Caroline Richards, age 12, passed away. Her family honors her memory with the Sweet Caroline Fund, a St. Baldrick’s Hero Fund.

2015 Hero Funds

Special thanks to:

SmartBrief keeps busy professionals informed and prepared. SmartBrief is a leading digital B2B media company, publishing more than 200 niche e-mail newsletters in partnership with leading trade associations and professional societies. As a St. Baldrick’s media partner, we support childhood cancer research.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation not only funds cutting–edge research, it also prepares the next generation of pediatric oncology researchers. Since 2005, we’ve had 176 St. Baldrick’s Fellows and Scholars — early career researchers in training. Other grants support more established researchers, including some groundbreaking work, at hundreds of institutions across the U.S. and beyond. St. Baldrick’s funding also enables more children to be treated on clinical trials — often their best hope for a cure — closer to home. A total of 923 grants — 104 new projects in 2015 alone — have been made possible by St. Baldrick’s volunteers and donors. Thank you!

More than $24 million granted for childhood cancer research

(July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015)

Cooperative Research – Children’s Oncology Group 1 grant: $6,795,439
St. Baldrick’s – Stand Up To Cancer Dream Team 1 grant: $1,875,000
Genius Award 1 grant: $610,000
Consortium Research Grants 6 grants: $2,786,773
Research Grants 22 grants: $2,230,762
Supportive Care Research Grants 3 grants: $204,825
St. Baldrick’s Summer Fellows 18 grants: $90,000
St. Baldrick’s Fellows 13 grants: $1,644,299
St. Baldrick’s Scholars 19 grants: $3,257,838
International Scholars 2 grants: $660,000
Infrastructure Grants 40 grants: $2,528,424
International Beneficiaries and Partners 14 grants: $1,224,407

St. Baldrick’s Foundation Robert J. Arceci Innovation Award:
Funds were also set aside for this unique award to begin in 2016, in memory of the beloved chair of our Scientific Advisors Bob Arceci, M.D., Ph.D.

See the Impact

Our 2015 International Partners

For many years, St. Baldrick’s has partnered with volunteers and organizations outside the United States — from Australia to Canada, Bermuda to Hong Kong and many others — to raise money and fund local research and programs. In 2015, the German Childhood Cancer Foundation joined us, bringing the total of international partner organizations to 11.

Our partners outside the United States:

Dream Team's Progress Continues

Dream Team's Progress Continues

Talk about exciting results! The Pediatric Cancer Dream Team funded jointly by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer, has passed the two-year mark of its four-year, $15 million project with some tremendous progress. In one clinical trial, 94% of the first 48 patients showed complete remission! This work continues so we can learn why the treatments don’t work for everyone.

Researchers Abroad

Researchers Abroad

St. Baldrick’s International Scholar Awards train researchers from low- and middle-income countries, preparing them to go back and do important childhood cancer research there. For example, Dr. Joseph Lubega is studying methods for early detection of Burkitt lymphoma, one of the most common childhood cancers in Africa. Children in his home country of Uganda are often diagnosed too late or not at all.

Dr. Hawkins Braves The Shave

Dr. Hawkins Braves the Shave

Douglas Hawkins, M.D., is one of many pediatric oncology researchers who braved the shave in 2015, demonstrating a commitment to young patients far beyond the lab. "Until we can cure all children with minimal or no toxicity, we have a mission," says Dr. Hawkins, top shavee for the 2015 event at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Thanks to all our brilliant, dedicated, and bald researchers!

Remembering Dr. Arceci

Dr. Arceci

When he died suddenly in 2015, Dr. Bob Arceci left a huge hole not only in the childhood cancer world, but in our hearts. His family and colleagues established a Hero Fund at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in his memory. To honor his legacy, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation Robert J. Arceci Innovation Award will be given to two brilliant young scientists — one U.S., one international — beginning in April 2016. Nominees will be early career researchers who exemplify Dr. Arceci's passion for thinking outside the box. These truly unique awards will each provide three years of unrestricted funding for a researcher to think outside the box to find new cures for childhood cancers.

Robert J. Arceci, M.D., Ph.D was a St. Baldrick's board member and chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee

Charity Partners

Many foundations have a passion for curing childhood cancers. By partnering with St. Baldrick’s, other nonprofits can tap our scientific expertise to confidently fund the most promising pediatric cancer research. Together, we can more quickly uncover answers for all children facing a cancer diagnosis.

Ty Louis Campbell Foundation

Ty Louis Campbell Foundation

TLCF has continued to provide extraordinary support for the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation St. Baldrick’s Scholar, Dr. Samuel Cheshier at Stanford University. Dr. Cheshier is exploring a therapy that will hopefully block a specific protein found on all tumors. It has shown promise in the lab and is directed at two pediatric brain tumors: high-grade glioma and medulloblastoma.

McKenna Claire Foundation

McKenna Claire Foundation

The McKenna Claire Foundation is providing generous support of Dr. Hai-Ri Song's work at New York University. Dr. Song is investigating how brain cells grow into aggressive brain tumors and why these tumors are resistant to treatment.

The V Foundation for Cancer Research

The V Foundation for Cancer Research

The V Foundation is co-funding a three-year grant supporting Dr. Hui Li at the University of Virginia. Dr. Li is trying to discover how rhabdomyosarcoma develops so researchers can find more effective treatments for this type of childhood cancer.

Tap Cancer Out

Tap Cancer Out

Tap Cancer Out is supporting two projects this year: the Tap Cancer Out St. Baldrick’s Fellows Dr. Juan Vasquez at Yale University School of Medicine and Dr. Sun Choo at the University of California San Diego Health Sciences. Dr. Vasquez is examining how the immune system responds to pediatric brain tumors, and Dr. Choo is developing a novel therapeutic approach for Ewing sarcoma metastasis.

Griffin's Guardians

Griffin's Guardians

Griffin's Guardians helped support a St. Baldrick’s Scholar award to Dr. Beata Chertok at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Dr. Chertok is looking for ways to help the immune system to fight pediatric brain tumors.


Special thanks to:

Nasdaq collaborated with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fight childhood cancer by hosting the organization for a bell ringing ceremony and double-matching all employee donations to St. Baldrick’s throughout September 2015. Nasdaq is a leading provider of trading, clearing, exchange technology, listing, information and public company services across six continents and creator of the world’s first electronic stock market. Nasdaq’s Corporate Responsibility program encompasses philanthropy, volunteering, and sustainability initiatives.

Welcome to a new year with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation! From newbies to veteran shavees, we share a passion for giving children long, healthy lives. We are fundraisers, donors, caregivers, and advocates for childhood cancer research. If you haven’t joined us yet, let today be the day you do! Here’s to a year of great progress in finding cures for childhood cancer. Let’s do this!

Get Involved

Head-Shaving Events

Head-Shaving Events

Thanks to a historic challenge, we’re saving lives. Three men turned their industry’s St. Patrick’s Day party into something more, raising $104,000 by shaving heads on March 17, 2000. Today the St. Baldrick’s Foundation has funded more than $178 million in childhood cancer research.

St. Baldrick’s volunteers come from all walks of life — from moms and dads to business executives to students of all ages. Events are held at pubs, conventions, schools, churches, malls, and any other place you can imagine. Fundraising helps businesses build camaraderie, schools teach values, and communities show support for families of children with cancer. Will you join us?

Fundraising in 2015

$35.5 million raised

1,300 events

50,000 shavees

Want to get involved in head-shaving events?

Get Started

Fado Irish Pub Denver

Top Event: Fado Irish Pub Denver

Fado Irish Pub in Denver, now in its 15th year with St. Baldrick’s, hosted the top fundraising event in 2015. How did they raise more than $529,000? With enthusiastic volunteers, lots of teams raising money in honor or memory of children with cancer, and dedicated shavees who come back year after year, bringing new recruits along for the fun. Mile-high kudos to Denver and St. Baldrick’s volunteers everywhere!

36 Rabbis

36 Rabbis Shave for the Brave

"Superman Sam" was energetic, smart, and funny, and he was only 8 when he died of acute myeloid leukemia. Sam's spirit inspired the top 2015 fundraising shavee, his mom, Phyllis. Both of Sam's parents are Rabbis, and together with their friend Rebecca, they started the 36 Rabbis Shave for the Brave, which has raised well over $1 million to honor this very special boy.

Battle of the Bald

In the fall of 2015, we launched our first Battle of the Bald College Tournament! More than 25 colleges from across the United States competed in the ultimate college showdown — head-shaving style. Have a connection with a college or want to get your own college involved in head-shaving? Email Events@StBaldricks.org.

46 Mommas

46 Mommas Raises Over $1.7 Million

The 46 Mommas represent all moms who make the cancer journey with their child. In 2010, the original group set out to raise $1 million for childhood cancer research through St. Baldrick’s. With a new class joining each year, the 46 Mommas are well on their way to $2 million!

Team Fairfax

Team Fairfax Kids Raise $34,000

Team Fairfax is a team of school children led by six-time shavee Braedan, fighting back on behalf of his little brother, Austin, a two-time survivor of Wilms tumor. Austin, already bald twice at the hands of cancer, has shaved five times! Having raised more than $34,000 to date, Team Fairfax is also honoring the memory of their dear friend Rebecca, forever 6, who fought a brain tumor.

Lab Coats for Barber Capes

Lab Coats for Barber Capes

Several members of the Louisiana State University Health Shreveport School of Medicine Class of 2018 have a head start in saving lives. At the school's Geaux Bald event, team members traded lab coats for barber capes, raising more than $15,000. That money is now in the hands of researchers who may one day serve as their mentors. Special thanks to all medical school students who brave the shave!

Do What You Want Fundraisers

Do What You Want

With Do What You Want fundraisers you can add your own flair to raising funds for childhood cancer research! Consider donating your birthday, organizing a walk/run, hosting a benefit concert, or even getting your business involved with a casual day! This year over 600 people started their own fundraisers, raising over $450,000. Time to put those creative ideas into action and start your fundraiser today!

Sibling Pride

At just 11 years old, Ivy braved the shave in honor of her big sister Georgia, who survived cancer. Ivy and her family set out to raise $15,000 for the Georgia and the Peachy Keens Hero Fund to celebrate Georgia’s 15th birthday, and raised over $40,000!

Living Big in Honor of David

David lived "big" - his heart was big, and his dreams even bigger. At age 10, he knew he was dying because researchers were not funded well enough to unlock the answers to neuroblastoma. Following his wishes, David’s family and friends raise money for research, with a Ride 4 David (NYC 5 Boro Bike Ride), Flashes of Gold party and more, supporting his Hero Fund, David’s Warriors.

Start a Fundraiser

Lepre-Con 2016

Lepre-Con 2016

The inaugural gathering of the largest number of leprechauns in one place launches February 13 in Las Vegas, and it’s expected to make its way right into the Guinness Book of World Records. Unlike any other Con-vention, Lepre-Con 2016 is not only about thousands of people dressed as leprechauns having fun with family and friends, it’s also about giving kids with cancer a future.

Monthly Giving Program

Monthly Giving Program

You know your donations fund childhood cancer research, but did you know you can keep fueling cures all year long? Make it your New Year’s resolution to give to childhood cancer research each month. Our new monthly giving feature is the easiest way to keep research going for kids with cancer! Simply go to StBaldricks.org/give, enter the amount you’d like to give and click “Donate Monthly.” You’ll be making a big impact for kids with cancer each and every month!

Make a Monthly Gift
PR Newswire

Special thanks to:

PR Newswire is proud to support the important and life-changing mission of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Through our partnership, we hope to help SBF raise money for cancer research in the pursuit of cures for childhood cancers. As an organization, we hold social responsibility and giving back to the communities we work in as a foundational tenant for our business. We are thrilled to be providing support to the St. Baldrick’s staff in their ongoing mission to provide assistance for children and families affected by cancer.

In the United States, childhood cancer research receives only a small fraction of government funding, and so much more is needed. You can help make finding cures a national priority. Join Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer and let’s raise our voices together. You’ll receive information on childhood cancer issues, advocacy tools, timely alerts, and simple ways to help.


Join Speak Up

The Childhood Cancer STAR Act

The Childhood Cancer STAR Act

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s advocacy efforts are getting results! In collaboration with the Alliance for Childhood Cancer and other organizations, accomplishments include:

  • Crafting the first consolidated childhood cancer bill, the Survivorship, Treatment, Access and Research (STAR) Act
  • Spearheading the first consolidated appropriations ask in more than 20 years, leading to inclusion of childhood cancer specific language in both the House and Senate Appropriations bills
  • The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a leader in the Alliance Policy Roundtable process — an effort to find common ground on policy among the many childhood cancer groups and collaborate on common goals that improve the lives of kids with cancer.

Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Your story matters! The reason you’re involved with St. Baldrick’s can be what changes legislators' minds about an issue or makes them remember childhood cancer when thousands of other issues compete for their support. Invite your Congressional Representative to a St. Baldrick’s event and ask them to join the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus. Take any opportunity to share your story.


“We have miles to go before we rest and miles to go to eradicate childhood cancer,” says Casey Ryan, father of Rex. “It's the number one killer of children, outside of accidents, in the United States. It nearly took Rex from us. We hope that no other parent ever has to fear the worst when it comes to their precious children. You are making a difference in the lives of many, ours included.”

for an amazing year.
Together, we can keep this momentum going for kids with cancer.