Childhood cancer treatments saved John’s life… and now he is a pediatric oncologist.

Surviving cancer isn’t the end of John’s journey...

99% of survivors will suffer long-term health effects from their treatment, by age 50. June is Cancer Survivors Month. Join the Fight. Donate today and fund the most promising research to help more kids not just survive but thrive.

The power of positivity

Shane’s osteosarcoma diagnosis led to a leg amputation. It also means a lifetime of physical challenges. And he is only 14. But he has never let this get him down or distract him from giving 110% to his recovery.

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The consequences of saving a life

Cancer treatments are necessary to save one’s life, but can lead to long-term consequences. Dan Butler is incredibly thankful his son, Sullivan, shows no evidence of disease (NED), but struggles with the thought that the treatments have affected Sullivan’s chances of becoming a dad himself.

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Cancer can put your dreams on hold

Brooke began her college career at Stanford, but then cancer turned her plans upside down. With graduation finally here, she still faces an uphill climb as she continues to get her overall health back on track.

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A unique perspective to pediatric oncology

A 3-time cancer survivor, Dr. John Gates knows what it's like to be a childhood cancer patient and the challenges that come after remission. As a pediatric oncologist, he is now dedicated to helping survivors like him face their future challenges.

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