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Event 5685 McHenry Community Shave (sponsored by MCHS)

Event Date
Mar 13, 2014
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
McHenry Community Shave (sponsored by MCHS)
McHenry High School West Campus - Main Gym
4724 W. Crystal Lake Road
McHenry, IL US
Event Contact
Carl Vallianatos


Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$242,013 raised
$150,000 goal

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Be a hero for kids with cancer! McHenry has had a wonderful experience making a difference and unleashing the service synergy of our community. All are welcome to join this St. Baldrick's event in McHenry and you'll be joining what was the 2013 Largest St.Baldrick's Event in the WORLD..... Spread the word to all friends and family in the region to join our event. You'll be helping to bring our community together and you will be fighting children's cancer at the same time.
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Donor List

  • $100 - $249

    Hair Ink, LLC

  • Next Auto Sales

  • The Gambler

  • Eric and Sherry Blake

  • Laura Christensen

  • Kennith and Susan Crick in Honor of Ethan Crick

  • David Garrett

  • Michael and Linda Gregory

  • Barbara Jesme

  • Steven and Terri Kennedy

  • Therese Mansfield

  • Peggy McClain

  • Peggy Nicodem

  • Butch & Missy Pintozzi

  • B. and V. Spina in Honor of William Spina

  • Jack Taddeo, Star 105.5

  • Kevin Weisenberger

  • A. and K. Zinke

  • $1 - $99

    Dominic Lorenzo

  • Friends of Alex Beeker

  • Friends of Anthony Kauffman

  • Friends of Dylan Weston

  • Friends of Jack Pliner

  • Friends of Jacob Webster

  • Friends of Logan Moreno

  • Friends of Mason Harding

  • Friends of Michael Fuchs

  • Friends of Richard Williamson

  • Friends of Ryan Werner

  • Friends of Sylvie Raquel

  • Friends of Tim Webster

  • Friends of Tracy Pham

  • Friends of William Barranco

  • Friends of William Spina

  • J. and L. Shrum in Honor of Zack Shrum

  • Staff of Life Ministries

  • Ms. Therese Antes Quoss In Memory Of Lindsey A Quoss

  • Gary and Katherine Baseley (2)

  • John and Jeanna Beerbower

  • Ms. Carol A Boas In Memory Of Mrs. Virginia L Aalto

  • Randall and Carol Broadus

  • Heather Brown

  • John and Elaine Bullis

  • John and Amy Carlson

  • West Campus Life Skills Program

  • Michael and Julie Caruso

  • Elizabeth Christensen

  • Laura Christensen

  • Cynthia and Jennifer Cody in Honor of David Cody

  • Nancy Cody

  • David and Cynthia Dedman

  • Tony and Lilah Diblasi

  • John DiFrancesca

  • Robert and Shirley Elder

  • Arthur and Jean Eschman

  • Jay A Eschman in Honor of Joe

  • Paul and Kristine Felix

  • Martin and Deborah Fenton

  • James and Catherine Flynn (2)

  • Douglas and Mary in Honor of Sean Braswell

  • Anonymous

  • Jim and Holly Fray

  • Julie Friedrichs

  • Debra Grieve

  • Jimmy Hartmann

  • Lynn Hellios

  • Rondald and Janet Hoxsey

  • Dominic and Antoinette Imburgia

  • Joyce Ingles

  • Maureen J. Johnson and Patty Peterson

  • Donald And Eileen Kaminski

  • Peggy Kielisch

  • Daniel Kinnerk

  • Michael and Petra Kinnerk

  • Daniel and Amanda Kinney

  • Edward Kneip

  • Wayne and Amy Kreutzer

  • R. Lasko and C. Jarecki

  • John Lunkenheimer and Nicole Swanson

  • Brian and Michelle Lykins in Honor of Payton

  • Tim Mahoney In Memory Of Mrs. Arlene Connerty

  • Frank and Colleen Markus

  • David Martin

  • Michael and Margaret Martin

  • Elizabeth Matthys

  • Mary J McDonald

  • Mark and Dawn McMichael

  • Mark and Beth Mega in honor of Logan Pedman

  • Patrick W Merkel in Honor of M. Merkel

  • Randy & Marilyn Meyer

  • John and Victoria Milinac

  • Patricia Miller

  • Mary Kathryn Montressor

  • Maureen Montressor

  • Robert Nelson

  • James Nicoline

  • Jeffrey and Michelle Nowland

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Mrs. Ruth Patrick

  • Tiffanie Ochoa

  • Chad and Melissa Oerkfitz

  • Mrs. VIckie PIekarski

  • Theodore and Dorothy Pitzen

  • David and Kelly Pliner

  • Gary and Carolyn Pollock

  • Ann Poremba

  • Brian and Shannon Presti

  • Robert and Cindy Ridley

  • Khristian Robbins

  • Cheryl Rudd

  • Strahan Construction, LLC

  • Jennifer Sandoz

  • David Sather

  • John and Anna Schweder

  • Wayne Simo and Debra A. Grieve

  • Janet Smith

  • Jeff and Miekka Stover

  • barb thomas In Memory Of Basil E Woodroffe

  • Anthony and Louise Turner

  • Todd and Colette Vanderkin

  • Tom and Tina Weltch

  • K. Patrick and Jeanine Williams

  • Anthony and Deborah Wilson

  • Charrie Wilson

  • Harold and Helen Witz in Honor of Ethan Crick

  • Wendys

  • Robert and Jill Wright in Honor of Brad Smith

  • Michael and Susan Zissman

Funding lifesaving childhood cancer research has never been more important. Make a donation & save lives.

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