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Rockville Centre - 2021

Jun 30, 2021 • Time TBD

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$350,000 Goal

$350,000 Goal

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Event 31

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  1. John Bender $250,363.76
  2. Team Run For Lisa are Running 3 Races in 3 Days! Twice! Starting this Weekend! $79,410.19
  3. Jim Egan $13,420.26
  4. Angelo V. Reda $12,524.00
  5. Karen Jahn Palmieri $10,178.30
  6. Sal Romanello $10,000.00
  7. Scarlett P $9,197.39
  8. Dan Schaefer $8,707.70

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  1. Team Allied World $329,773.95
  2. MARCH MADNESS 4 $23,589.79
  3. Team Papadopulos $6,887.35
  4. #kimistrong $4,866.04
  5. Team Eckert $2,361.85
  6. T.B.D. $353.85
  7. Amazing Eagles $281.05

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  1. alexis payne 12/22/2021
  2. Russell Jack 11/30/2021
  3. United Church of Rockville Centre 11/23/2021
  4. Anonymous 6/8/2021
  5. Elena Camuza 4/1/2021
  6. Susan Maffia 3/21/2021
  7. jeffrey mcalpin 3/20/2021
  8. Bradley Quinn 3/19/2021

Event Details

Hello Everyone and thank you for coming back to the Rockville Centre St Baldrick's event.  We are going virtual again this year. As you know the St Baldrick's Foundation is the largest nongovernmental funder of childhood cancer research in the world.  The Foundation's success is driven largely by our head shaving events.  Which are done in solidarity with children who often lose their hair as a side effect of their treatments.  Sadly, the Covid pandemic that began last year forced the Foundation to move all events to virtual events.  While this is and remains the correct decision to keep everyone safe and healthy, its had a material impact on the Foundation's ability to raise funds and ultimately to fund promising research.  In fact, the Foundation missed its 2020 fundraising goal by almost $20,000,000.  This is devastating because while the Covid Pandemic has been horrific, children continued to be diagnosed each and everyday during the pandemic.  Childhood cancer did not go away and still needs to be conquered!!  

So this year more than ever we need your help to help raise funds and find a cure for each and every childhood cancer.  So in Rockville Centre we will once again hold a virtual event throughout the  year.  The event will be open for the entire year.  So how can you help?  Please come back and be a shavee or a ponytail chopper.  If you know anyone who braved the shave or chopped their ponytail in the past, please ask them to come back home this year and shave or chop again.  Please actively recruit others to become Shavees .  Please follow up with all your supporters from prior years and ask them to support your efforts and the Foundation this year.   If head shaving or donating your ponytail is not for you, please get involved with our “Do what you want” DWYW fundraising programs.  Run a race, have a bake sale, hold a garage sale, be creative, bring your interests and talents to our mission.  You can still sign up on our RVC event web page as a participant to fundraise and keep your hair. Let's aim high and reach this year's RVC goal of $350,000.  All of these efforts will allow the foundation to pick up the funding of life saving research for childhood cancer.  A very important endeavor that today more than ever needs a major boost after the pandemic had such a major negative impact on the Foundation's ability to fund important scientific grants during the 2020 drive.

We will try to update this page from time to time as more information becomes available.  We apologize for the second year in a row we will not be able to hold our head-shaving celebration in person at the Parish Center-- an event that all of you have made truly amazing--and will return in-person in 2022--but please join us this year in 2021 in fundraising together !!!  You can all make 2021 an amazing year and show Covid that we will not allow a pandemic stop us all from our shared mission of beating childhood cancer and taking childhood back from cancer.

So please join our St. Baldrick's event, and whether you decide to shave your head, chop your ponytail, fundraise another way, volunteer, or donate, we hope you'll be a part of the excitement! Stay tuned for more virtual event details. Contact 516-697-6383 if you want a SBF barber smock or props for your virtual shave. 

Please see the honored kids section of this page to see how you can donate in memory of some incredible RVC children who have been taken from this world by cancer way too soon or in honor of other RVC children who are survivors of childhood cancer. 

The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-powered charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government.

Get involved and you'll be giving hope to infants, children, teens and young adults fighting childhood cancers!

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