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Be Brooks Brave and Shave Event - Virtual Event

Supporting: Be Brooks Brave Fund

May 21, 2020 • 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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$25,000 Goal

$25,000 Goal

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Event 13295

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  1. Lee Blackmore $5,973.71
  2. Jack E. $5,701.75
  3. Josh Blackmore $2,835.29
  4. Mike Zaradich $2,100.89
  5. Josh Weigel $1,703.70
  6. Cathy Wolfe $1,685.66
  7. Henry E. $1,572.96
  8. dutch barrett $1,479.25

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  1. The Boys $7,324.71
  2. Brooks's  Buddies $3,910.54
  3. Marley's Marchers $3,450.83
  4. B&B for Brooks $2,338.05
  5. SE Outreach $724.52
  6. Downing Family Fighters $629.24
  7. Smith Boys $366.60
  8. Being Brave For Brooks $331.10

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  1. Elizabeth Harmon 8/25/2020
  2. Sadie Frazier 6/20/2020
  3. Pete Richason 5/23/2020
  4. Quinn and Maureen Warren 5/22/2020
  5. Harriet Russo 5/22/2020
  6. Barri Andreoli 5/22/2020
  7. Jane Williamson 5/21/2020
  8. Jamie Wehmeyer 5/21/2020

Event Details

During these uncertain times there is one thing I know for sure....we need to stick together and find the good. We will rise above this and soon enough things will be back to normal...yet we will be forever changed. My hope is that we will be changed for the better. I want you to look back and remember the joy you found in the little moments and the creative ways you found to help others. 

We have decided to hold a VIRTUAL  Be Brooks Brave and Shave Event this year to continue to be part of the good!  We plan to continue to fight for a cure and honor Brooks at the same time. The event will take place in the comfort of your home (or possibly your local hair salon if restrictions change) any time during May 21, 2020.

 This day is so very special to us, as it is the day Brooks gained his Angel wings 4 years ago after battling stage 4 brain tumors.  We miss him more everyday and can not believe he has been gone from our arms for 4 long years. However, we feel him all around us and take joy in the signs he sends us. 

If you are not ready to shave your head, then please consider donating to this important event. We need your support now more than ever! Nearly 90% of St Baldrick’s funding for childhood cancer research grants comes from the March and April head-shaving events. This is devastating because almost all of them have been cancelled. But there is still HOPE...YOU! Please click on the link to donate or to sign up to shave.  Then create your own fundraising page for our event to share with others. You can be ANYWHERE in the world and shave your head on May 21st!!

Stay safe and Be Brave, 
Tracey Blackmore 
(Brooks’s mom)

The  St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-powered charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government.

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