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Rachel Lauren M.
is Shaving to Cure Childhood Cancers

Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Help me fund the research that will save their lives!

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Event Date
Mar 25, 2014
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Coaches United Against Cancer
Coaches United Against Cancer
Vaughan's Public House
59 Pratt St
Hartford, CT US
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Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$5,040 raised
$2,000 goal



I am a SOCCER Player! It is what defines me. It feeds my spirit. What if I got sick and couldn't play anymore? What would I do? How would I cope? I just don't know.

Although I am only 14, Cancer has already touched my life in many different ways. Beloved school teachers & personnel, as well as their young children, have fought the battle and lost: My Grampa Ralph and my Grammie Barb both passed away from Cancer (colon & lung). Many friends and family continue to fight: My Aunt Debbie and my "auntie" Joanne, have survived Breast Cancer. My Aunt Rosanne continues to deal with complications from Olfactory Neuroblastoma. Sydney, an amazing young lady and my dance peer for many years was diagnosed with Lymphoma just last year. She is doing well now but, what if that was me? Would I be as strong and determine as she has been? Then there is Scotty! A very special young man and his family whom I have gotten to know from neighborhood gatherings. He is my main inspiration for wanting to help "Fund the Cure". He has been battling a brain tumor for as long as I have known him. Although, I have never been told of all the difficulties & set-backs he and his family have endured, I know he is always smiling and working to raise funds for the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation. In his darkest moments, he has been able to refocus and search for ways to make a difference. I want to be that kind of person!

Last year when I joined my new soccer club in Farmington, CT, I learned of Coach Jon's yearly efforts to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research. This spoke to me. I wanted to be apart of something that would help other kids be able to keep playing their sports, keep dancing, keep being a kid. I am shaving my head as a small symbol of solidarity for my peers who have had no choice in the matter. I want to make a difference!

Can you help me in my quest? Every dollar counts! $5, $10, $20 ? It's all good!

Thank you for your support ... "Fund the Cure...2014" !
~Rachel <3
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