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Honored Kid Arwen D. Age 14

Arwen D.'s Photo
Lawrenceville, GA, US
Date of Diagnosis
August 2016
No evidence of disease (NED)
Treated At
Aflac Cancer Center


In the middle of July 2016, shortly after her 12th birthday, Arwen started complaining about an ear ache and headache. After several courses of antibiotics, she was sent to an ENT where an odd looking mass was discovered in her sinus area. On August 9th, Arwen underwent a biopsy at Scottish Rite; about 2pm that day, we were told the mass was malignant and that was all the doctors knew.
In the days that followed, Arwen returned to school and had several scans (PET, chest CT, etc.). On August 17th, we found out that the PET was clean outside of the area where we knew the cancer to be located and that the cancer was Rhabdomyosarcoma; a rare pediatric solid tumor cancer. August 19th, Arwen underwent surgery to have a port placed for chemotherapy infusions and had bilateral bone marrow aspiration and chips taken from each hip. Later that day she started her first day of chemotherapy in hospital. On the 23rd of August, we received word that her bone marrow was clean; more prayers answered. The treatment plan is 7 cycles of chemotherapy and radiation for 30 days about half way through the chemotherapy program.
This has been a grueling journey no child should have to endure; but she has done so with grace and strength. She is such a strong girl and continues to go to school when she can, excelling in all subjects. She loves music, reading and sci-fi fiction fantasy; Harry Potter, Marvel Agents of Shield and Dr. Who. Arwen has an amazing group of friends who have been her rocks of support through this journey. There are prayers going up around the world and we have so many prayer warriors on her side praying. I see these prayers for Arwen, the doctors, nurses, and family working every day.
We all appreciate the amazing family of friends we have and the offers of support. It has been a long fight so far, and we are determined to WIN this Fight!
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