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Honored Kid Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor's Photo
Louisville, KY, US
Date of Diagnosis
August 1993
Treated At
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Kosair Children's Hospital, Norton Healthcare


Hannah was an amazing little girl filled with love and compassion.
She always put others needs before her own. Whether it was her
brother Alex or another sick child at the hospital she always made
the effort to be there for them.

In the end Hannah became the teacher and we became her
students. She didn't let her cancer define who she was. Although
she had to go through so much in her battle with cancer she always
choose to be positive and that's what made Hannah so special.

That's what Hannah taught me and so many others. It's not what
happens to you that defines who you are but how you choose to
to deal with what happens to you. Hannah ALWAYS chose to be
positve and to try and help herself in anyway she could.
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