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Honored Kid Miranda Eckard

Miranda Eckard's Photo
Stanely, NC, US
Date of Diagnosis
September 2011
Passed away
Treated At
Presbyterian Hemby Children's Hospital
Johns Hopkins Children's Center


Miranda was 14, just a couple of weeks into her freshman year of high school, when she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma on September 22, 2011. She spent the next 15 months in treatment, receiving chemo almost weekly for 54 weeks. During February of 2012, she went into remission, but had to continue her treatment protocol until it ended in early December 2012. She began attending classes again in the second semester of her sophomore year, but buy late April 2013, the cancer was back. A large tumor had grown in her hand. She began chemo and radiation immediately while her doctors searched for another treatment. She entered into a bone marrow transplant clinical trial at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Her father, Danny, was her donor. We relocated to Baltimore for 3 months. The transplant went well and everyone was hopeful that the treatment had worked. Unfortunately, we were told the cancer had returned in February 2014. The doctors said she may have only 2 or 3 months left, but Miranda felt differently. She fought hard for 5 months. We miss her dearly but know that she is happy and pain free in Heaven now.
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