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Honored Kid Kirsten R. Age 23

Kirsten R.'s Photo
Las Vegas, NV, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
June 2004
In remission
Treated At
Sunrise Children's Hospital
St. Rose Dominican Hospitals - Siena Campus


Kirsten is simply put a PRINCESS! She has a smile that will light up any room. When Kirsten was first diagnosed we weren't sure how to tell her or even explain what cancer was. The wurst for me was to tell her that her beautiful hair would fall out. One night in the hospital I was brushing her hair and handfuls were falling out and I was trying to hide it from her, she asked what I had in my hand and I refused to show her. After much protest I showed her the locks of hair in my hand and without even blinking she looked up at me with this amazing smile and said "see now, that wasn't so bad!" Instead of me telling her it was ok my 9 year old was telling me. After that our favorite saying was Bald is beautiful! Kirsten has been through so much, she suffered a major stroke during the course of her treatment. She had to re-learn how to eat,walk,talk and so many other things we take for granted. But she still has her smile. Today she is in remission..the 6th grade...and trying to be a normal 12 year old. And we are so very thankful for everything, every high and even the lows.
Love the Rand Family(Jason,Misty,Katirina,Kirsten,Jordan,Jamison,and Joshua)
P.S. Mo Kirsten says she loves you!
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