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Honored Kid Hezekiah V. Age 10

Hezekiah V.'s Photo
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Date of Diagnosis
December 2009
Cancer free
Treated At
Children's Hospital Colorado


We adopted Hezekiah when he was 14 months old. A month before his 2nd birthday, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer (hepatoblastoma). Basically, he had a tumor the size of a nerf football growing on his liver and the cancer had metastasized into his lungs. We were told his chances were very poor and it was unlikely he would survive. After 6 chemotherapy cycles, and surgery to remove any remaining lung nodes, the doctors were ready to attempt to remove the main liver tumor. They placed Ki's name on the transplant list, because they really didn't think they could save his liver. But after waiting a month on the transplant list, no suitable donor livers had become available, and they decided we couldn't wait any longer. Our daughter Katie volunteered to donate part of her liver, and the surgery went forward. During the operation, the doctors felt inspired to approach Ki's liver from a different direction, and were able to remove the tumor and still save enough of Ki's liver (about 1/4) so he didn't need the transplant. It was a miracle. Then, after Ki recovered enough, he endured a few more cycles of chemotherapy, and honestly, we worried that he wouldn't survive the chemo. He was so skinny and weak and listless, and his kidneys stopped working for a while. But he slowly gained strength, and eventually even his hair grew back.

Today Ki is a healthy and happy nine year old, and doesn't even remember being sick. He does have a hearing loss and muscle issues from the chemotherapy, and he wears hearing aids. We are so grateful to the doctors and nurses and researchers and donors who made our son's treatment and recovery possible.
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