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Honored Kid Emily Ziegler Age 23

Emily Ziegler's Photo
Queensbury, NY, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
December 2011
In treatment
Treated At
Boston Children's Hospital
Albany Medical Center


Prior to her diagnosis in early December of 2011, Emily was a healthy, high school junior who played volleyball, ran track, loved downhill skiing, and hanging out with her friends and family. She also enjoyed spending time on her art work, and was beginning to think about the next phase of her life. Then, came the phone call no one would ever want. "Your daughter has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and we need to get her into treatment as soon as possible."

Four months into her treatment, we see a young woman who is still ready to enjoy all the things she did before her diagnosis including thinking about the next phase of her life ... just slightly delayed. Emily's response to the treatments was slightly slower than expected and is presently awaiting a bone marrow transplant. She's anxious to re-join her friends at school, to get back home with her brother and sister, and to continue to pursue her dreams for the future.

The treatments haven't been easy, but she (and our entire family) has seen an outpouring of love and support like we couldn't imagine from family, friends and our community, and that has helped all of us through the beginning of this journey.

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