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Honored Kid Grier Christenbury

Grier Christenbury's Photo
Charlotte, NC, US
Date of Diagnosis
March 2007
Passed away
Treated At
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Levine Children's Hospital at Carolinas Medical Center


In the US, more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease. Please make a donation on my behalf to support childhood cancer research so that all children diagnosed with cancer will have a better chance for a cure.To make a donation, click on "Make A Donation" or donate by mail or phone.Thank you for your support!

On March 27, 2007, Grier Christenbury was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma. He was 2 ½ years old. Neuroblastoma is most common cancer found in infants and it accounts for 14% of cancers in children under the age of five. Today, there is no known cure.

Grier, with the help of his parents Amy and Jeff, and his siblings, Hayes and Grace, has been fighting the disease for over 6 years. During their battle, the Christenbury's have learned that pediatric cancer robs families of more children than any other disease, that there is a vast disparity between funding of pediatric cancer and other cancers and that there is a lack of interest on the part of pharmaceutical companies to invest research and development dollars in treatment and cures. So they have made it their mission to not only fight this disease but to raise tens of thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer research while educating our community about this dreadful illness.

Grier had enormous dark, brown eyes that would take in everything around him, giving you the impression that he was older and wiser than his 9 years. He was a gifted athlete and a natural on both the baseball and soccer fields. Unfortunately, he could also hold his own in an MRI scanner or an infusion room, receiving chemotherapy. Grier spent most of his childhood in and out of Levine Children’s Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia receiving treatments.

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