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Honored Kid Anna M. Age 17

Anna M.'s Photo
Knoxville, TN, US
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
Date of Diagnosis
May 2011
In remission
Treated At
East Tennessee Children's Hospital
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt


Anna was an active and perfectly healthy 10 year old girl right up to the day she was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. (AML M1 and flt3+) We went to the doctor due to off and on fevers and were sure that she had lingering infections from a cut on her toe. On May 6, 2011 her life took a huge detour and it was then she began the fight to win the battle over this horrible disease. Anna was considered "high risk" b/c of being flt3+. On Sept. 27, 2011, after months of chemotherapy treatment, she received a bone marrow transplant. Anna has successfully reached the "100 day" post transplant date and is doing well. She is currently cancer free and recovering from her transplant.

Anna fought through this battle with a very positive attitude, lots of spunk, and an unbelievable faith in God. She never complained and showed love and compassion to the other children she met that were in their own battles with cancer.

Anna loves to play volleyball and swim. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, riding bikes, and doing crafty type things. She is currently still having to stay home and away from other children as she recovers. She is looking forward to the day she can once again do the things any healthy 10 year old girl should be doing.
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