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Honored Kid Nathan Gentry

Nathan Gentry's Photo
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Date of Diagnosis
March 2003
Treated At
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Children's Hospital Colorado
Childhood Hematology and Oncology Associates


Nathan was a very sweet child. He was always mature for his age and took things very seriously. He was interested in how things work and he had a true appreciation for natural beauty. His passion was trucks, especially construction trucks. Nathan loved school (completed first grade at Prairie Hills Elementary) and enjoyed using the computer, riding his bike and singing in the chidlren's choir at church.

Since Nathan was diagnosed at only two years old he only knew life as a cancer patient. He was totally comfortable with all things medical and didn't mind explaining to other children when they asked him questions about his illness or his hearing aids.

Nathan battled Neuroblastoma through 2 remissions and relapses until his cancer no longer respondied to treatment and his bone marrow was unable to handle any more strong chemo. Nathan died a month after his seventh birthday in July 2007. There was not a treatment out there for Nathan but we must find a treatment for the hundreds of kids out there like Nathan. The only way to do this is by funding childhood cancer research. Please support St. Baldrick's and this important research to help all the other cancer kids.
Thank you to everyone who is shaving in Nathan's name. We appreciate your rememberance of Nathan and efforts for the cause.
Read Nathan's story at www.caringbridge.org/co/nathanmichael
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