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Honored Kid Avalon K. Age 10

Avalon K.'s Photo
Savannah, GA, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
August 2010
Cancer free
Treated At
Children's Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center


In August 2010, two weeks after her second birthday, Avalon was diagnosed with B-cell ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). From the first discussion of the 'L' word (leukemia), we were bouyed by the statistics given to us. Today, better than 90% of children with Leukemia are cured.
We embarked upon that road with a teary start, but dogged determination. We have had but one goal in mind over the last six months, and one goal going forward. To walk out of the Hem/Onc clinic in late 2012 hand in hand with our daughter for the last time.
Though the 'bumps' in the road have certainly taken their toll, we have forty years worth of research, donated dollars, and dedicated doctors to thank for the life we see everytime we look into her eyes. Without those individuals, and those research dollars over the last several decades, Avalon's story would already be over.
So we honor Avalon, and her battle, as best as we can. We indulged her (probably a little too much) when she fought with doctors and nurses, we patched her wounds, administered her poisons, and tried to minimize her scars (whether mental or physical). We do not stand behind her, we stand beside her.
Avalon completed her treatment in Oct 2012 and is cancer free today! We've seen the return of her spunk and she keeps us on our toes!

We want to give back something, and, maybe through her or her story, we can help raise money to continue the fight. This doesn't help Avalon, or us, but maybe it will help a child years from now who's parents get the same terrible news we got. Maybe, through research, it will mean an easier road, or a longer life, for that child.
Thank you for reading, and donating. Know that it is appreciated. Know that it makes a difference.
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