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Honored Kid Anjali K.

Anjali K.'s Photo
Little Falls, NJ, US
Date of Diagnosis
November 2009
Treated At
Hackensack University Medical Center


My name is Anjali Khatri. I was 3 years old and I had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, since October 12, 2009. I gained my real glittery Angel wings on May 26, 2010. Heaven is really a place where you can dance!

I was a happy, laughing girl. I loved to dance and twirl and kiss my 4 year old brother Krish. :) I loved to sit on laps and hug. I was the queen of cuddles! I was so energetic and I loved to run, jump, and play...like every 3 year old my age. I also loved pink, princesses, and anything girly! I NEVER took my pink ballet slippers off. Well, hardly ever!

11 months or so ago, my Mommy noticed I was limping a couple mornings in a row. The limp was gone as quickly as it came but Mommy never forgot. I had a little blood tinge in my urine. Mom called the Doctor and they ran tests...all came back fine. Another month later, I was limping more. My Mom was so worried. The limp would go after 30 seconds after getting up from sleep or sitting down. Again, we went to the pediatrician who diligently ran blood tests and who refered me to an Orthopedic Specialist. The Orthopedic Specialist gave me many x rays. He saw me many times in 3 weeks. Blood tests were done to screen for cancer, arthritis. All came back negative. Neuroblastoma does not shown itself in the blood. That is what makes it so dangerous.

The Orthopedic Doctor assured my Mommy and me that he would get to the bottom of this. He wanted us to go to a Neurologist but Mom insited that I get an MRI. The Doctor allowed this, wrote out a script, and thank God because the MRI showed a very large mass in my stomach! I had cancer in 3 places of my bone also...in my hip, femur bone, and knee. I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, stage 4. Neuroblastoma is a very aggressive pediatric cancer.

Since that day, I have had bone marrow biopsies, many tests (some quite painful), 3 surgeries, and 1 major 6 hour surgery to remove the main tumor in my abdomen. I have had 5 courses of chemotherapy and 12 courses of radiation. I have had a lot of serious complications, many due to the effects of chemo on my small body...veno ccclusive disease (liver failure), RSV (I never really recovered from this), pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and renal (kidney) failure, Heiner's Syndrome (due to chemo changing my body) , and pulmonary hypertension. One of my kidney's had to be removed and I was on dialysis, a ventilator, and an oscillating ventilator.

Sadly, I gained my real Angel's wings on May 26th. I am in Heaven now where I am finally free to dance.

My Mom (Janine), Dad (Ankush), and the rest of my family are devastated. I was only 3 but I was a fighter. I was a Princess Ballerina Warrior and I STILL have my very own army, Anjali's Army, whom I LOVE! I want to tell everyone that it will all be ok. There is so much I can still do in Heaven.

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