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Honored Kid Jeffrey G. Age 25

Jeffrey G.'s Photo
Wimberley, TX, US
APL (Acute promyelocytic leukemia)
Date of Diagnosis
June 2009
In maintenance
Treated At
Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas


Jeffrey is the sweetest kid, sensitive, artistic, and so smart. He loves his high school engineering classes and hopes to attend New Mexico Tech after high school. He loves animals and helps take care of the 100+ animals on our ranch. He was so sad when his cancer prohibited him from his normal animal chores. Jeffrey is a bookworm, as well. The most amazing thing about this kid is that he rarely complains, even when experiencing severe pain. For a teenager who used to complain at the slightest thing before his cancer, we were all amazed at the stamina and strength within him when the chips were down.

High school was something that all of us treated as something you just go through, but when Jeffrey was diagnosed at 16 with a rare leukemia known as APL, and suffered terrible side effects that nearly took his life and placed him in an induced coma for a week, everything changed. Now, earning his drivers license (February 2010) was a huge deal, and receiving his Class of 2011 class ring took on new significance. We still hope Jeffrey will graduate on time, despite losing so much school, but even if graduation is delayed, we are so happy to see his continued improvement.
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