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Honored Kid Gavin A. Age 12

Gavin A.'s Photo
Raleigh, NC, US
Date of Diagnosis
January 2010
In remission
Treated At
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center
Wills Eye Institute


Gavin is a spirited, happy and energetic child. Never in a million years did my husband or I imagine that something like Retinoblastoma would impact his life. We started noticing in November that his right eye always looked shiney in photographs and decided to ask the pediatrician who immediately referred us to an opthamologist. Within minutes of examining Gavin he was diagnosed. What a whirlwind, we rushed off to Wills Eye Hospital and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Gavin did lose his eye as the tumor was too large for other treatments, but the pathology reports indicated that the cancer has not at this point effected any other part of his body. This was the best news ever! However, I find myself thinking about those kids and their families we met at Pediatric Oncology at CHOP who have been in treatment off and on their entire lives. These are the strongest people I have every met! This is what makes the efforts of St. Baldricks so important! We want those families to share the same great outcome we were lucky enough to have.
Today Gavin still loves to play hockey, ride his bike and keep up with his older brother. His outlook on life is that he can do anything, and believe me nothing holds him back. He is a warm, cheerful and loving child who knows no stranger. His bright smile and large personality speaks for itself.

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