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Honored Kid Sara C.

Sara C.'s Photo
West Nyack, NY, US
Date of Diagnosis
February 2007
Treated At
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Sara first entered my life when she began dating my brother. I have never seen two people as in love as they were. It was so pure and beautiful. I do believe they were made for each other.

There is really no way to describe my sister without first describing her artwork. It is the most beautiful, creative, and imaginative work I have ever seen in my life. I truly believe she had an outstanding talent and could have created art for a living. It is the type of thing one needs to see in order to understand.

She was always smiling. She had a silly face on all the time. It was her "nummi" face. Sara and my brother created their own language of made up words. "Nummi" refers to anything good. It could be food, clothes, an attitude, anything. "Cheechu" is squeezable parts. It could be someone's love-handles or my French Bulldog's extra skin (since the invention of the word, my dog's name has been unofficially changed to Cheechu). "Bewwies" are of course your belly, which Sara loved to smack. Mama Qui was her name. It is actually a very long story how it came to be her name, but the important thing to remember is that that was her name. She also called me and my brother Mama Qui. However, she was always the real Mama Qui. If ever you needed to refer to both my brother and Sara, they were Mr. and Mrs. Mans, or just "da Miya Manses".

She was always positive about her disease and always believed she would get better. She had to stop chemotherapy because it had reached a point where it was doing much more harm than good. Of course, my sister saw the good in this; I remember she leaned on her cane and some how managed to shake her hips as she told me she would no longer be receiving chemotherapy and how happy she was that her hair would finally grow back. It never did. There just wasn't enough time.

I lost her on September 2, 2009 at 8:50 a.m. My brother, her best friends, the rest of her family, and I watched her leave.

I will miss and love her always. She is and forever will be my angel, my big sister, my Mama Qui.
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