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Honored Kid Evan A. Age 15

Evan A.'s Photo
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
January 2009
In treatment
Treated At
Children's Hospital Colorado


Evan is a sweet, compassionate, caring little boy who loves school, (especially riding the bus) giving his baby brother big belly laughs and patiently teaching his 4 yr. old sister how to play games. He's an extremely creative boy - constantly building things with recyclable materials. He loves Superheros, science, arts/crafts and inventing all sorts of gadgets. Evan wants to be scientist when he grows up and we wouldn't be surprised at all if he one day was part of the cure for kids cancer. Evan is proud of the strength and agility he's gained in gymnastics and loves to ski in our beautiful Colorado mountains.

Evan's journey began with what we thought was the flu and a simple ear infection. On Thursday 1/8/09, we took Evan to the doctor because he was fighting a nasty cold for 2 weeks and complaining of an ear infection. That night, we noticed he was extremely pale and became worried that he had the flu so we brought him back in on Friday 1/9/09 to get tested for Influenza. The doctor agreed that he was extremely pale and ran some prelimiary blood work in the office and discovered he was anemic. On Monday 1/12/09, the remaining blood work was returned to us and while visiting the doctor yet again, this time for our daughter's ear infection, she sent us immediately to an Oncologist. Only 2 hours later, it was confirmed he had Leukemia and was immediately admitted to Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs.
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